HO scale BiLevel Commuter Cars Support

HO scale BiLevel Commuter Cars Support Page

General Problems and Inquiries

If your model arrives with damage or there is any other issue, the best thing to do is to contact our support team. They take care of all of our warranty repairs and they are all swell guys. The toll-free number is 1-855-LRC-6917 (1-855-572-6917) (outside North America, + 1 905-474-3314 or 905-474-3324).

Bilevel Cab Car Lighting

Your cab car includes working lights in both DC and DCC, as well as a 21-pin plug and a factory installed speaker. This allows you to install the decoder of your choice to get the most out of your cab car.


Much like the coaches, the cab cars interior lights are controlled by the magnetic wand and are not connected to the decoder. Wave the wand over the middle of the car roof to turn the lights on and off. The default is on.


There has been a report that the BiLevel cars will mysteriously turn on their interior lights after the operator has turned them off using the wand.

There is no mystery, the lights default to on when the coach is powered up or placed on a live track. The coaches have capacitors to maintain the lights over dead sections of track, and they will power the lights for 10 - 15 seconds. If there is a dead section or dirty track, the off command will only stay active for those 10 - 15 seconds and the lights will turn on again as soon as power is re-established to the coach.


From the factory, your cab car has a DC dummy plug installed, providing directional cab car lighting if you are operating your train only on DC-powered track. A DCC plug is provided in the package for if you plan to operate your train on DCC-powered track – simply swap the plugs and wave the magnetic wand over the plug (non-cab end of the car) to toggle between forward and reverse lighting.


To manually program a decoder, you’ll need to know these key elements. We’ve provided the ditch lights and strobe lights on separate function outputs in order to allow for flash sequences to be programmed.

  • F0f Headlight
  • F0r Red Marker Lights
  • Aux1 Numberboards
  • Aux2 Ditch Light (Left)
  • Aux3 Ditch Light (Right)
  • Aux4 Strobe Light (Left)
  • Aux5 Strobe Light (Right)

Or you can download the basic function logic for an ESU decoder directly from the support section of our website. (Coming soon)

Please note on models so equipped, the middle red emergency light, white class lights and green class lights are non-functioning.

Decals for Unnumbered Cars

When it comes to providing decals for unnumbered locomotives and passenger cars, we generally can no longer provide them. One of the main reasons is that oftentimes when modellers choose unnumbered cars, there are specific numbers they would like to apply to the model(s). As a result, we have arrangements with Highball Graphics to provide them with the same artwork we supply to the factory, so that modellers can order customized decal solutions to suit their needs exactly.

Please contact Highball Graphics for more information. They are always happy to help.

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