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Have a problem? Rapido is here to help.

Rapido Trains Inc. is comitted to providing the highest quality N, HO and OO models in the universe. If something is less than perfect, we're here to help. 

Spare Parts

We will do our best to provide you with replacement parts for your Rapido product Request Spare Parts.

Warranty Repairs

If there is a factory defect with your Rapido product, we will do our best to get things running again. Request a repair.

Manuals and Diagrams

Access instruction manuals and exploded parts diagrams on our Download Page.

Technical Support

Need some help with your purchase? Visit our Technical Support Pages.


Important DC Power Pack Advisory

Do NOT use any "Train set" DC controller, such as MRC 1300-series controllers with any of Rapido’s locomotives. These types of inexpensive controllers are notorious for voltage spikes and they WILL destroy your locomotive. There is no “if” about it. We will try to help you if we have the parts, but we are not responsible for locomotive damage due to voltage spikes in your power supply. As well, we will not repair any locomotive damaged by any of these inexpensive DC controllers unless you have retired the controller. Otherwise the damage will soon reoccur.

“Train set” DC controllers should not be used with any modern model locomotives.


Warranty Information

We will do our best to solve any problems or issues that you may have with your locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars.

Our N Scale and HO scale models contain hundreds of parts and are completely hand assembled. If your Rapido model has any defects that originate from the factory, we will repair it using new components or replace it outright should a repair not be possible.

However, we can only replace your model while we have additional ones in stock. We normally keep spares for up to six months after a model is released.