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Built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia in their hundreds between the late 1940s and early 1960s, the single-car RDC (Rail Diesel Car) fleet was ubiquitous on passenger service throughout Canada and the United States on any routes that could not justify loco-hauled operation. The 85ft long vehicles, which were powered by a pair of Detroit Diesel Series 110 engines, could be employed in single formation or coupled together with other examples - all controlled from the lead RDC cab. 


In the United States, the Boston & Maine was the principal user of these single-car units, but they were also an important part of the rural lines and short-haul commuter passenger fleet of other railroad companies, including the Santa Fe, B&O, New Haven, NP, NYC, Reading, SP, and many others. Many later went on to Amtrak and various commuter agencies such as the Metro-North among others. RDCs can still be found in small numbers on scenic lines in both countries, as well as some rare regular services. 


In Canada, CN and CP rostered large numbers of RDCs, which later passed to VIA. The RDC served branchlines from coast to coast, and were a means of reducing the costs of unprofitable local runs. They were also ubiquitous on the mainline, often in multiple units of three, six or even 11 cars! CN’s RDCs could be found across the country in early years and mainly in the Toronto area in later years. Eager to cut costs, CP used the RDCs everywhere, especially in commuter service, the Maritimes, and Vancouver Island. In VIA years, the RDC formed the backbone of shorter services in Quebec, the Toronto area and the Maritimes, as well as in Alberta and BC. PGE and later BCR used a fair number of RDCs in British Columbia right up until 2002. 


 The Rapido N scale RDC is designed from the ground up based on the success of our HO scale version, as well as feedback from the N scale community on what they look for in a model. 

These units feature a hidden drive system and great interior detailing, allowing for maximum performance and realism. For the inaugural release, the all-coach RDC-1 will be available in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 body styles (as appropriate). 


Conditional Order Deadline for March 15, 2024 




 The Rapido N scale Budd RDC features: 

  • Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Accurate Phase 1 and Phase 2 body details
  • Both fabricated and cast trucks, as appropriate
  • Single-motor, all-wheel drive for unparalleled reliability
  • All-wheel electrical pickup
  • Directional headlights and red marker lights
  •  Flicker-free interior lighting
  • Tinted windows and fully detailed interiors
  • DC/Silent (DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound)
  • Factory-installed couplers mounted at the correct height





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