HO Scale EMD SD7, SD9 and SD10 Locomotive


Rapido is proud to announce the EMD SD7, SD9 and SD10 locomotives!


The SD7 was General Motors Electro-Motive Division’s first foray into 6-axle power. The “SD” stood for Special Duty, while the 7 was carried over for the 4-axle GP7 series. This new series of locomotives provided extra tractive effort spread and weight distribution across the six-axle trucks. Production lasted from May of 1951 to November of 1953. A total of 188 units were built for 17 railroads, from class Is to industrial operations. The SD7 would give way to the SD9.

In January of 1954, the first SD9 rolled off the assembly line with production lasting until June of 1959, after 471 examples were built for North American roads with another 44 going to export operations. The SD9 was similar to the SD7, but featured an upgraded 567C prime mover and distinctive class lights, pointed on an angle outwards whereas the SD7 was more prominent towards the center of the nose. The SD7 and the SD9 were also used as a base for rebuilds such as the SD10.

In the mid-1970s, Milwaukee Road looked for a way to extend the life of their SD7 and SD9 locomotives. Most of the SD7s and four SD9s were cycled through Milwaukee Road’s Milwaukee Shops to be rebuilt. Notable features included the addition of Horst paper air filters, four-stack exhausts and the high hood being chopped down with a rounded short-nose style cab. These could be found working in Chicago all the way to the western end of Milwaukee in Seattle. They also lasted through the SOO Line right on into CP Rail.




   The Rapido Trains HO scale EMD SD7, SD9 and SD10 Locomotive features:

  • Measured from a living SD9
  • Road-specific details for each model variant
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Operating headlights, rear lights, white class lights AND beacons (where appropriate).
  • Highly detailed cab interior
  • Correct fuel and water tank arrangements per road
  • Multiple styles of stepwells
  • See-through, etched steps
  • High short hood and modified ‘chopped’ short hood where appropriate
  • Appropriate cab or nose headlights
  • Multiple dynamic-brake hatches
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/ESU LokSound
  • And much, much more!





 Ever experience a loss of power? Experience it no more with the all-new "Mo-Power" capacitor.

Designed by Rapido with the guidance of ESU LokSound, this handy electrical component, which is integrated with the main PCB board, ensures you run uninterrupted from a momentary loss of track power. It will provide anywhere from two to five seconds of juice, depending on the Rapido locomotive.






Bessemer & Lake Erie

- Unique "B&LE" style sand fill door hatches
- Long hood forward operation
- Extra large pilot step and corresponding additional stepwell step (First time done on a plastic model!)


Denver & Rio Grande Western

- Correctly replicated side sill reflectors
- Short hood forward operation


Southern Pacific

- Steam generator equipment details on short hood
- Correct Mars style 'ash can' light on both ends of the locomotive


Baltimore & Ohio

- Correctly oriented cab interior for long hood forward operation
- Single fuel tank (First time done on a plastic model!)


Burlington Northern

- Former CBQ units (Phase IV, first time for a plastic model!)
- Correct 5-step, BN walkway


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy

- Phase IV (First time for a plastic model!)
- Higher short hood with a corresponding cab height
- Cornered-off section on the long hood behind the cab
- Two 48" radiator fans as opposed to the normal (four) 36" fans
- Conduit pipes were removed from the top of the radiator
- No ladders on the short hood end


Chicago & North Western

- Rebuilt at the Oelwein Shops with chopped down nose - a first in HO Scale!
- Modified panels on side sills of locomotive
- Modified/plated over details of dynamic brake blister (Smooth plating over where grilles once were)



Milwaukee Road

- SD10 model designation given by Milwaukee Road for their capital rebuild program of their old SD7s and SD9s
- A first in HO Scale plastic models
- Single fuel tank
Chopped short hood and modified cab
- Later style Horst air intake
- Rotary beacon


SOO Line **Conditional Announcement**

- Ex-MILW units / same features


Dakota Minnesota & Eastern **Conditional Announcement**

- Ex-SOO, nee-MILW units - same features


**Please note that the SOO Line and Dakota Minnesota & Eastern SD10 Locomotives are Conditional Releases – This means these will be produced only if we receive enough preorders for them.




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The SD7/ SD9/ SD10 Master Class showcases the owners, and history, detailing variations of and changes to the various locos over their service lives.







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