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RailCrew Switch Machines & Uncouplers – Product Support

Below you will find various installation guides, product manuals and tips regarding the installation of the RailCrew Switch Machine. If you have any questions surrounding this product, please contact us using our contact form.

RailCrew On-Off Remote Uncoupler Installation Guide

RailCrew On-Off Remote Uncoupler (updated March 2018)

RailCrew Switch Machine Installation Guide

RailCrew Switch Machine with Rotating Target (updated March 2018)

Additional Information

Wiring a 2nd toggle switch for your Switch Machine or Uncoupler

Sometimes there may be a case where you want control of a switch or uncoupler from two locations. Maybe you want to control a switch locally as well as in a control tower? Maybe you have a large staging yard on a peninsula that allows for operation from both sides? Check the link below for how to wire in a parallel toggle switch to control your switch machine or remote uncoupler from two locations.
Installing Two Toggle Switches for RailCrew Products (added September 2018)

Tips and Tricks for installing RailCrew Switch Machines

Rapido's own Jason Shron has been installing a lot of RailCrew Switch Machines on his layout – The Kingston Sub – and here are some of his tips based on his experiences so far.
Tips and Tricks for installing RailCrew Switch Machines (added May 2018)



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