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Tips and Tricks for Painting with ProtoPaint

by Dan Darnell

Hi Guys,

I recommend the following practices when it comes to using ProtoPaint:

  1. Clean all surfaces with soap and water let air dry
  2. Prime all surfaces with primer #330003 (Note: For best results, the primer works best if you add a few drops of the base colour you will be using on you model)
  3. Airbrush should be used with a #2 needle and tip to avoid "spitting and clogging"
  4. Air Pressure should be between 20-25 PSI. If using lower air pressure, reducer #330004 should be used.
  5. Paint will set up in 1 hr. But it is recommended to wait 24hrs. before masking and applying a second colour.
  6. Avoid applying heavy coats. It is better to apply several light coats to avoid runs in the paint
  7. Paint will dry to a glossy, decal-ready surface.
  8. After decals have been applied seal them with flat finish #330005
  9. Clean up your airbrush with soap and hot water.



After watching several YouTube videos this one best matches my way of painting...


I also also use Iawata airbrushes for all of my painting.

Have any suggestions of your own? Let us know!