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HO scale New Haven 8600-seriess Coach Support Page


General Problems and Inquiries

If your model arrives with damage or there is any other issue, the best thing to do is to call our support team. They take care of all of our warranty repairs and they are all swell guys. The toll-free number is 1-855-LRC-6917 (1-855-572-6917) (outside North America, + 1 905-474-3314 or 905-474-3324). You can also email us – click here.

New Haven Stainless Steel Coach Stirrup Steps

The New Haven’s stainless steel passenger cars were delivered with stirrup steps is each corner. These steps remained on all cars while they kept their full skirts and drop steps. When the drop steps were replaced with fixed steps and the skirts removed these corner steps were also removed. If you have a fully skirted car then you may want to add the stirrup steps. We have provided pre-bent and painted etched steps in each car, and installation is quite simple. Click on the images to see a higher resolution version.


1) The steps are located in a small clear bag taped to the bottom of the white packaging tray. We have provided extras, so don’t worry when one launches into low Earth orbit.


2) Note that there are two designs of steps – one for the right end and one for the left end. The steps extend past the end of the car. Study the photo to see the proper orientation.

nh8600s-3a-300x215 nh8600s-3b-300x206

3) You will need to drill one hole in each corner in order to mount the steps. A #77 or #78 drill bit provides a snug fit.


Drill the hole on the side of the end, outboard of the drop step and approximately 1mm or 4 scale inches up from the bottom edge of the car. See the photo.


4) Insert the post on the step into the hole as shown.


5) Now rotate the step into place. The dog-leg section of each stirrup goes behind the drop step panel.


6) Secure in place with a drop of CA glue. Rinse and repeat!


Interior window shades

If you want to add interior window shades to your 8600 coach we have provided a color PDF document that you can print out as often as you need. Click on the link below to download. NH 8600 Interior Window Blinds

NH 8600 Coach Parts Diagram

NH 8600 Coach Manuals

To view the files, you will need Adobe Reader. Click below to get it. Adobe Reader

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