To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we are delighted to announce a new run of the first ready-to-run models we ever made, the HO scale Super Continental Line passenger cars. When first released, these cars broke the mold for HO-scale passenger car detail. We believe the level of detail we announced two decades ago has not been bettered since, except by us! Rapido is still the global leader in HO scale passenger car detail.

This new run of cars features many improvements:

    • track-powered interior lighting with a capacitor controlled by our (often imitated, never duplicated) Rapido Lighter
    • improved design and assembly to prevent warping
    • tighter connections between the body and the roof
    • new couplers are designed for more reliable operation when pulled or pushed
    • redesigned, free-rolling trucks

All of this is in addition to the incredible underbody detail, multi-color interior, skirts or stairs (as appropriate) and extremely fine painting and decoration, down to the end door car names and numbers!

This run of the Super Continental Line comprises three car styles:

    • Lightweight Coach
    • 8-4-4 Duplex Sleeper(4-8-4 in Canada)
    • 10-5 Sleeper

The Super Continental Line passenger cars provide a first class experience for your HO scale passengers. They will be treated in comfort, elegance and style just as they deserve to be. Reserve your coaches and sleepers by the order deadline and ensure your passengers don’t miss the train.








Celebrate Rapido’s 20th Anniversary in Style!


We delivered our first ready-to-run passenger cars almost 20 years ago with a retail price of $49.95 (US) and $59.95 (Canadian). The costs of materials and labour overseas have gone up so much since then that our passenger cars retail for more than double those prices today.


To celebrate Rapido’s 20th Anniversary, we are producing a special run of HO scale anniversary passenger cars at the original prices. We have two anniversary sleeping cars to choose from:

  • Edmundston Duplex Sleeper
    We purchased this ex-VIA Rail Canada sleeping car in 2015 and have since donated it to the VIA Historical Association. It is currently being restored to be a part of the VIA Rail Canada 50th Anniversary heritage train in 2028.


  • Rapido Trains “Lark” 10-5 Sleeper
    We are offering our anniversary 10-5 Sleeper decorated in a paint scheme inspired by Southern Pacific’s famous passenger train, The Lark.


These anniversary sleepers will brighten your model railroad and can be added to any passenger train as first class private varnish. They are available for the unbelievable prices of $49.95 (US) or $59.95 (Canadian).  


These are only available directly from Rapido – they cannot be ordered through your local retailer. (They are what you might call a “loss leader” so we can’t afford to provide our regular dealer discounts.) Reserve your Rapido 20th anniversary passenger cars today and you can party like it’s 2004!








Throwback to the Old Days


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