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HO scale CPR Hudson #2816 "Empress"




Part of the second batch of Hudsons delivered, Canadian Pacific H1b #2816 became a celebrity when it was restored back to operation by CP in 2001. #2816 is the only surviving member of the H1a or H1b classes, having originally been preserved at Steamtown in the United States before being purchased and restored by CP in 1998.


During its post-restoration career #2816 gained the nickname the “Empress” as it hauled excursions across Canada and into the US. It even became a film star, garnering a leading roll in the spectacular IMAX film “Rocky Mountain Express” in 2011.




As part of its restoration #2816 was converted to burn oil and was paired with an original oil tender from a Royal Hudson. A radio and ditch lights were fitted to bring 2816 into compliance with modern standards, and a second generator was added to help power these new devices. Finally, a second whistle was added alongside of the stack.


Developed with the help and guidance of CP’s steam restoration team, Rapido’s HO scale model of #2816 will include the correct oil tender, working ditch lights, and the additional details added to the loco for its excursion working. The loco will be sold in a high-quality custom wood display box. It will be a fantastic addition to any collection!


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