Introduced by Amtrak in April 1989, the Horizon fleet (initially known as the Amfleet IIIs) were based on the Pullman-Standard Comet-series commuter cars built since 1970. The new Horizon fleet consisted predominantly of two basic car types - Coach and Dinette - with 86 and 18 cars respectively forming the 104-car order placed with Bombardier.


Over the years, the Horizon cars have remained largely unchanged from their as-built appearance, with the only predominant visual differences being the evolution of the Amtrak paint schemes from Phase III through Phase VI. However, two key changes that occurred include the replacement of the original power sliding doors with manually-operated parlor doors and the replacement of the fold-down stairs with fixed steps.


The Rapido Horizon cars will feature the same great attention to detail you’ve come to expect, including free-rolling wheels, detailed underbodies, flicker-free interior lighting and more.



The Rapido Trains HO scale Amtrak Horizon Cars feature:

  • Coach, Dinette, Club-Dinette car body styles
  • All-new ADA Coach cars
  • All-new car numbers
  • Full underbody and interior detail
  • Correct GSI G70 trucks with metal wheelsets and reliable power pickup
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • Tinted windows
  • Improved interior lighting in both DC and DCC
  • Independently-controllable end marker lights
  • Metal side grab irons

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The Amtrak Horizon Car Master Class showcases the history, detailing variations of and the changes to this important fleet over the course of its service life.

Amtrak Horizon Car Master Class

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