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Rapido is pleased to announce the Superior Stainless Budd Coaches, as well as VIA Rail HEP1 & HEP2 Coaches, in HO Scale.

All 30 Coaches were delivered to Canadian Pacific in 1954 and 1955 and were initially numbered in the 100-series under Canadian Pacific. All but one of the original coaches were transferred to VIA Rail Canada in 1978 and, save for those damaged in derailments, are all still in use today. They form the backbone of most of VIA Rail Canada’s services to this day, found not only on the busy Quebec City-Windsor corridor, but on all other services across the country, including The Canadian, Ocean, Hudson Bay and northern Quebec services.

Beginning in the late 1980s, VIA Rail upgraded its entire ex CPR Budd stainless steel fleet with Head End Power (referred to as HEP), which allowed newer locomotives to be able to heat the trains without the need for aging steam generator cars. These cars are called “HEP1 cars” and are typically found on long-distance trains today. Many coaches and baggage cars can also be found in intercity service on the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.

Additionally, VIA Rail began purchasing second-hand Budd cars throughout 1990s from Amtrak and other second/third/forth-hand owners to supplement its fleet and allow for expansion. These cars would be completely rebuilt as either first class "VIA 1" Cars or Coaches and were called “HEP2 cars”. These cars contain pass-through MU (multiple unit) and Communication cables and are almost exclusively found in intercity service on the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.

Our models are based on the original, steam-heated Canadian Pacific cars. However, we have tooled new HEP2 car sides and underbodies, as well as both HEP1 and HEP2 car ends.

Most of the Budd cars originally purchased by Canadian Pacific, as well as those bought used by VIA Rail, continue to form an integral part of both intercity and long distance services to this day. They will no doubt find a suitable use on your model railroad too.




 The Rapido Trains HO scale Budd Superior Stainless Coach features:

  • Realistic stainless steel finish
  • HEP2 cars feature an all-new windows, body skirt details and all-new HEP underframe details.
  • HEP 1 and HEP 2 cars feature all-new end tooling with HEP receptacles and cables
  • Track-powered interior lighting compatible with DC and DCC layouts
  • Full underbody detail including separate air, steam and electrical lines
  • Separate metal grab irons, stirrups and end gates
  • Accurate D22 brake equipment and piping
  • Super-detailed 41-NDO-11 trucks with end frames
  • Full, multi-color interior detail
  • Separately-applied CP beaver shields on CPR models
  • Sprung diaphragms
  • Metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers





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