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Rapido is pleased to announce an all-new model of the signature PRR X23 boxcar in HO scale. These cars feature state-of-the-art tooling with separate grabs, crisp and accurate details and correct PRR class 2D-F1 arch-bar and 2D-F8 cast trucks with free-rolling turned metal wheelsets, two unique door styles, both KD- and AB-brake components, as well as two distinct roof types, all as appropriate.

In 1912 the Pennsylvania Railroad built its first 40-foot boxcar, the class X23. This single-sheathed car design utilized Warren-truss bracing and a fish belly underframe. These features, combined with its low roof height, gave the X23 a unique appearance which stood out in any train. PRR had over 7,000 X23s built between 1912 and 1914. They also had another 3,500 nearly identical looking R7 reefers built up to 1915.

The X23 boxcars served the PRR and its subsidiary railroads very well. Over the years various improvements were made including replacing the original roof with a lap-seam roof, 2D-F8 cast trucks replacing the original arch-bar trucks, KD-Brakes being upgraded with AB-brakes, and the 3-panel Creco door being replaced with a Youngstown corrugated door. The fleet of X23s continued to soldier on into World War 2 with over 90% of the fleet still in service by January 1945. However, their hard use during the war years combined with their age meant that most cars were retired from regular service by the late 1950s. However, many X23s were retained for work equipment service and lasted well into the 1970s in this role.

These cars will be offered in multiple numbers and sold to dealers as two, three or six-car packs which can be broken up for individual sale. Reserve your models of this signature boxcar today!


The Rapido Trains HO Scale PRR X23 Boxcar features:

• Accurate Warren truss single-sheathed body
• Youngstown or Creco panel doors
• Flat panel or lap seam roofs
• Split K or AB Brakes as appropriate
• Free rolling Arch bar or 2D-F8 trucks with metal wheelsets
• Rapido semi-scale couplers
• Accurate paint and lettering
• Multiple road numbers per scheme








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