HO Scale F30 MOW Flat Cars 

F30A 50' MOW Flats and Camp Cars

Conrail (and other railroads) mounted pre-fabricated “RVstyle” van on flat cars to house tack workers. Several common styles of van were built to serve the various needs of the work crews. Sleeping quarters were most common, but office and dining configurations were common sights in most work trains. These “Camp Trains” were common sights on Conrail and still on Norfolk Southern. Rapido’s camp cars are available in four different body styles: sleeper, diner, kitchen and office. In addition to vans mounted on F30A flat cars we offer each style van separately. They are perfect offices for yards, engine terminals, construction sites, in fact, all sorts of applications! Separate vans are painted in appropriate colors but are unlettered.

F30D 50' Tie Service Flats w/loads

The massive one-piece steel casting used in their construction has meant that many have lasted an incredibly long time. Several ex-TTX cars were purchased by BN and converted to crosstie-cars, with most still in service with BNSF today.
Our tie car model is based on these BN/BNSF conversions and features a new deck, tie rack and decorated concrete crosstie load.

We are offering the F30 in several flavors: general service flat cars, piggyback flats with appropriate trailers, BNSF crosstie cars, and Conrail camp train work flats, complete with camp trailers!

And of course, most of the cars enjoyed a very long and productive life before they were put into this service. Click here to see all of the different versions and paint schemes that we are offering.




The Rapido Trains HO scale F30 MOW cars feature:

  • Die-cast chassis and deck for optimum weight
  • Correct trucks (PRR 2E-F10, roller bearing converted or full roller bearing trucks) as appropriate
  • Turned metal wheels
  • Rapido’s semi-scale couplers
  • Full brake rigging
  • Separate grab irons
  • All-new camp trailer loads, in four different styles
  • Correct end railings and platforms as appropriate
  • All-new decks, racks and deck details for the different types of services
  • Concrete tie cars also come with concrete tie loads
  • Multiple car numbers per scheme 




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