HO Scale PFE R-40-27 and -28 Reefer





We're excited to announce the all-new, HO Scale Pacific Fruit Express R-40-27 and -28 Reefer, which is the first time that these cars have been offered as a plastic model!


The reefers were built from January through August 1957, with a total of 1700 cars built in class R-40-27. They were placed into the PFE 10001-11700 numbering series and featured a 4-foot-wide Youngstown sliding plug-door, sliding toward the left, combined with a 2-foot-wide hinged door to the right of it. This created a 6-foot-wide opening when both were opened, or just a 2-foot-wide opening if the car needed to be inspected before unloading in order to retain the cool interior temperature.


Soon the R-40-27 car’s plans were modified with a six-foot sliding plug-door, along with the established 2-foot-wide swinging door, creating the new class R-40-28 cars, of which there were 100 (PFE 11701-11800 )constructed by in July 1957. 

Both the R40-27 and R-40-28 class cars were cooled with ice, and included overhead electric fans to circulate the cool air enroute. As it would turn out these would be the last ice-cooled refrigerator cars built by PFE. After these classes, all PFE reefers utilized mechanical cooling.




   The Rapido Trains HO scale R-50-27 and -28s  features:

  • Accurately scaled from prototype blueprints and field measurements
  • Separate wire grab irons
  • Correct running boards and brake wheels
  • Correct cooling fan housings
  • Positionable roof hatches
  • Rapido semi-scale metal couplers
  • Free-rolling trucks with turned metal wheels
  • Accurate paint and decoration
  • Multiple accurate road numbers available for each paint scheme







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