HO Scale Canadian National Hawker Siddeley Van






As the 1960s began, the Canadian National Railway found itself with a large fleet of wood end cupola vans (caboose for everywhere outside of Canada), which were in need of replacement. After testing their initial prototype steel van in 1964, CN placed an order for 150 copies from Hawker Siddeley, which were specifically designed for them. The body shells were constructed in Trenton, Nova Scotia, while the final assembly was completed at Hawker Siddeley’s previous Fort William, Ontario plant (now Thunder Bay).


The H-S Vans were numbered 79200 to 79349 and delivered in 1967. They were favorites amongst crews on the CN. They featured creature comforts such as: Waugh full-cushion underframes, electric lighting and power via an axle-driven generator, roller bearing trucks, a pair of oil stoves, a refrigerator, hot plate and much more. Their styling and design would set the standard for future Van orders. Few changes were made to these cars over their 30-year service lives with CN. The most notable changes were the paint schemes and some were modified for international service which features like; FRA compliant window glass with orange side sills and end striping to denote that service.






   The Rapido Trains HO scale CN Hawker Siddeley Van features:

  • Super-detailed underbody including all separate air and brake piping
  • Operating Marker lights, Track Light and Step Lights, Cabin Lights and separately controlled cupola light
  • Improved, full interior lighting
  • Super-detailed Barber-Bettendorf caboose trucks with all-wheel pickup
  • Full detailed multi-coloured interior
  • Interior handrails in the cupola
  • See-through, etched metal end platforms and steps
  • Full end detail, including uncoupling levers
  • Separate grab irons installed at the factory
  • Metal Semi-Scale Knuckle Couplers mounted at correct height



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