skitrain-ltr Milwaukee Road SW1200 634 rolls along the Bloomingdale Line viaduct with a train from Goose Island in Chicago, IL in March 1980. Chuck Zeiler photograph.


Following the overwhelming success of the GMDD SW1200RS model, Rapido Trains is pleased to announce the EMD SW1200 in HO scale. General Motors' Electro-Motive Division (EMD) began production of the first example of the 1,200-hp SW1200 switcher model in January 1954. Built through until May 1966, over 700 examples of this versatile road switcher were built by EMD with an additional 280+ built by GMD in Canada.


As dieselization progressed, many roads found themselves in need of a compact, lightweight locomotive to replace steam power on branch lines and other over-the-road assignments (freight and passenger) not requiring a full-fledged mainline road switcher. The SW1200 combined the right size and muscle for these assignments. The SW1200 was available with both Type A and Flexicoil trucks, and the Rapido model represents those options. Other features available on the SW1200 include different fuel tanks, unique spark arrestors, MU cables, folding end-platform drop steps and different lighting options as specific to each road.

agawa-rtl Grand Trunk SW1200 1519 rests in Elsdon Yard, Chicago, IL on a sunny day in October, 1979. Chuck Zeiler photograph.


The Rapido Trains HO scale EMD SW1200 locomotive features:

  • Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Heavy diecast frame, chassis and gearboxes for superior pulling power
  • Rapido’s renowned silky smooth-running drive system
  • Working classification lights, cab interior light and inspection lights
  • Fully detailed Type A or Flexicoil trucks, as appropriate
  • Full cab interior with working cab interior light and non-working fire extinguisher and fridge (where appropriate)
  • Working headlights and illuminated number boards at both ends
  • Some models have a rotary beacon or flasher/strobe as appropriate
  • Separate handrails, including crash bars inside the cab
  • Multiple exhaust stack and battery box door styles
  • With or without working drop steps, as appropriate
  • Incredible underbody piping and conduit detail - a Rapido hallmark
  • DC/Silent or DC/DCC/Sound versions featuring an ESU Loksound decoder with accurate recordings from a 567 prime mover

The SW1200 is available in the following roadnames plus 3 undecorated versions:

  • Baltimore & Ohio
  • Burlington Northern (ex GN)
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
  • Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
  • Conrail (ex PRR)
  • Denver & Rio Grande Western
  • Grand Trunk Western
  • Great Northern
  • Milwaukee Road
  • Missouri Pacific
  • New Haven
  • Northern Pacific
  • Pennsylvania
  • Penn Central (ex NH)
  • Soo Line
  • Southern Pacific


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