HO Scale Amtrak NPCU "Cabbage" Locomotive





 Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to announce the second release of our Amtrak NPCU in HO Scale!


In the mid-1990s, Amtrak began a rebuild program to convert retired F40PH locomotives into Non-Powered Control Units (NPCUs) by removing the prime movers, with many having their now empty engine rooms converted to baggage areas. These NPCUs allow "push-pull" service and eliminated the need to turn trains at terminals or run locomotives at both ends of the train. The locomotive engineer controls the locomotive from the cab in the NPCU, much like purpose-built cab cars found on many commuter trains. Used on regional trains, these "Cabbages" as they have been coined by Railfans can be seen everywhere from California and Washington State, to the Mid-west and even as far east as Maine! The majority of the NPCU fleet remains in service today.


In addition to the new road numbers for the first-release paint schemes, we are excited to add the much-requested Amtrak "Veterans" NPCU's #90208 and #90221 for the first time.


  The Rapido Trains HO scale Amtrak NPCU "Cabbage" features:

  • Fully powered, available in silent DC or DC/DCC/Sound
  • DC models are DCC-ready with a 21-pin plug
  • Accurate enlarged marker lights, supplementary air reservoirs and K5LA horn
  • Operating, flashing ditch lights
  • Operating strobe lights and marker lights
  • User-controlled operating number boards
  • Etched-metal radiator grilles and windshield wipers
  • Separate handrails and grab irons installed at the factory
  • Rapido's proven 5-pole, skew-wound motor and silky-smooth drive system
  • Metal, magnetic Macdonald-Cartier Couplers mounted at the correct height


  Second-release paint schemes include:

  • Amtrak Phase III
  • Amtrak Phase V
  • Amtrak Phase V "Downeaster"
  • Amtrak "Salutes Our Veterans"


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