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Rapido is proud to announce the EMD GP40 locomotive! The GP40 series was considered the gold standard of four-axle locomotives, with over 1,000 examples built for 30 different railroads in North America. EMD began production in late 1965 with an order for the New York Central. The final locomotive in the series would roll off of the line in 1971 for the Chesapeake & Ohio, number 3794. In between that time period, the Penn Central would amass the largest fleet with the Baltimore & Ohio coming in at a close second. After 1971, production would continue on with the successor: the GP40-2.

Our first run will bring you many never-produced-in-plastic variations, such as: nose and Gyra/Mars lights, stepwell variations, Canadian versions and slugs. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad converted a heavily-damaged GP40 into a unique one-of-a-kind road slug, number 501. We will be producing 501 in both MKT and Union Pacific - complete with a working motor. Every DCC/Sound locomotive comes with the Mo-Power capacitor, which will end most interruptions to track power. A win for all!


   The Rapido Trains HO scale GP40 locomotive features:


  • NEW! Equipped with licensed Cannon & Company 48" 8-blade radiator fans
  • Road-specific details for each model
  • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions
  • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables, air filters and a silly number of separately-applied parts 
  • Road-specific battery box doors
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Operating headlights, rear lights, white class lights AND ditch lights and beacons (where appropriate)
  • Highly detailed cab interior
  • Correct fuel tank sizes per road number
  • Multiple styles of stepwells
  •  See-through, etched steps
  • Separately applied wire grab
  • Slug is fully powered! Motor tucked into frame and body
  • Appropriate cab or nose headlights
  •  Multiple truck sideframes tooled
  • Multiple dynamic-brake hatches
  • Mo-Power capacitor
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound - ESU LokSound V5 Decoder





 Ever experience a loss of power? Experience it no more with the all-new "Mo-Power" capacitor.

Designed by Rapido with the guidance of ESU LokSound, this handy electrical component, which is integrated with the main PCB board, ensures you run uninterrupted from a momentary loss of track power. It will provide anywhere from two to five seconds of juice, depending on the Rapido locomotive.


Become a Master

The GP40 Master Class showcases the owners, and history, detailing variations of and changes to the various locos over their service lives.





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