CN received its FP9A locomotive roster in five deliveries from 1954 to 1958. The locomotives are referred to by their class number:

  • G (General Motors)
  • P (Passenger)
  • A (A-Unit)
  • 17 (1750 HP)
  • a/b/c/d/e (class or order number)

So for example, 6535, which was delivered with the last order in 1958, would be GPA-17e.


CN would later transfer its remaining fleet of FP9A locomotives to VIA Rail Canada in 1978, which operated independently of CN as a crown corporation. The majority of the FP9A fleet lasted until the service cuts in 1990. All of the FP9As that did not get rebuilt into the 6300-series FP9ARMs were retired in the 1990s, with some finding new homes with Algoma Central, Ohio Central, Kansas City Southern and other shortline operators.

There are significant differences between classes, which is why we picked our favourite: the GPA-17e class.

This unique class featured a pair of 48” roof fans rather than the usual cluster of four 36” roof fans. Our models have specific details for each locomotive number as they were on a specific date, as close as we can match to photos. Essentially, we’re super-detailing these locomotives for you. We are even doing two versions of VIA 6540: early and late.


The Rapido Trains HO scale GMD FP9A features:

  • 100% accurate Canadian details
  • Correct fuel and water tanks, cooling coils, and other CN-specific details!
  • Numerous etched-metal parts including “No-Warp” metal grills
  • Operational headlight, number boards, and optional ditch lights
  • Operational class lights and backup light
  • Full, multi-colour interior detail
  • Available in DC/DCC/Sound only
  • Models equipped with an ESU Loksound V5 decoder with sounds recorded by Rapido of an FP9A with an original 567C prime mover
  • Now featuring steam generator sounds as well!

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