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HO Scale Easy Peasy Lighting

HO Scale Easy Peasy Lighting

No more flickering lights over switches and other dead spots, no more drain on your power pack caused by a fleet of passenger cars all drawing power, no more lighting meltdowns due to high track voltage, turn car lighting on and off with ease without the cost of a decoder in every car.

Sound impossible? Nope, its Easy-Peasy… Rapido’s battery powered “Easy-Peasy” lighting kits!

Installation is just as easy too – no soldering, no complex wiring, and no problems on DC or DCC. If you would prefer a track powered version, we have one available as well. 

Includes two LR41 batteries. 

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Detail Variations:
  • 102003
  • Standard length - 10 1/4" x 3/4"
  • Battery powered
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