6133 Blog: 31 October 2016

6133 Blog: 31 October 2016


Photos: Chris Fox

On October 20, John Carey and Chris Fox started work on refurbishing the first radiator cooling fan for RPDX 6133. As mentioned in past a blog post, the fans were acquired from RDC #6213 when it was scrapped in Moncton, NB.

About a month ago Chris transferred the fans from the Toronto Maintenance Centre (TMC) to the Northwind shop so he could work on these “smaller” items at his leisure.

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What the pictures illustrate is the breakdown and overhaul of the fan shroud, fan electric motor, and fan blade. The fan was required to be disassembled for an assessment into what it will take to make it reliable once again.

Chris found that the motor and insulation was in fairly good condition. What he did not like was the amount of rust that had acquired in and on the working components of the fan.


Here is a small list into what he found:

  • Fan electric motor – some internal wire leads require replacement
  • The fan shroud will need to be media blasted (previously known as sandblasting)
  • A few holes that have rusted through have to be welded up
  • The fan blade was wire wheeled and painted with a self-etching aluminum coating

More photos of the rebuild will be forthcoming.

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