6133 Blog: 12 February 2016

6133 Blog: 12 February 2016


Chris and Jason returned to Moncton on Tuesday 2 February to get started on the work needed to move 6133 on her own wheels. The first things that needed attention were just that – her wheels. All wheelsets passed inspection but the wheelsets on each truck were too far apart in diameter to pass inspection. There cannot be a difference in diameter of more than 1/4″ between two wheels on one truck. On 6133 the difference was more than 1/2″.

So a wheel swap was needed. Thankfully there were numerous wheels to be found lying around the yard from all the RDCs that had been scrapped.

In addition to swapping out the wheels, Chris got started on replacing the missing pilot (again donated from another RDC) and he began work on the brakes. We say “began” because the main air reservoir blew out as soon as the PSI reach 75. At the time of writing, Chris is on his way back to Moncton with our friend Jon Calon to finish attaching the new pilot, swap out the main air reservoir for a new one, and then chase gremlins in the brake system. 6133 still has a current COT&S (Clean Oil Test and Stencil) so it won’t need new brake valves. We shipped new brake valves to Moncton anyway, just in case.

While the air tank was blowing out, Luc Doiron and Jason cleaned up the sides a bit and installed Rapido logos over the VIA logos on the sides of the RDC. Once we get 6133 back to Ontario and clean her up, we will install blue Rapido logos with no background, just lik the VIA logos that were on her until now.

The other side of 6133 is covered in graffiti. One of the first things we will do when we get her back home is clean all that off. Speaking from experience, it isn’t easy!

We will update this page when Chris and Jon have returned from Moncton. All going well, 6133 will pass inspection from CN soon and will be ready to move by rail to Toronto. We could still use help with our preservation efforts. All of these trips to Moncton don’t come cheap! Please click on the link below to donate.

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This BC Rail RDC was not so lucky...

This BC Rail RDC was not so lucky…

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