Rapido Timetable No. 8

Rapido Timetable #8 / May 7, 2010

Rapido Timetable

Dear Rapido Customer,

Well, it has been a very busy month or more all around at Rapido, and there are several important things to bring you up to date on. Starting with the Big One… We’ve moved!

Yes, Rapido’s Toronto offices have moved, but not too far really. Our new space is much better suited to our needs as the company continues to grow. Of course, as anybody who has moved an office and warehouse can attest, this has meant that the last few weeks have been more than a little chaotic for the Toronto crew!

Now for the news…

In this Timetable:

  • New Products on the Way
  • SOS (Save Our Schemes)
  • Project Updates

New Products on the Way

Timetable header

What a beauty!

The last cars from our first round of HO scale Wide-Vision Cabooses are arriving at Rapido this coming week – the long awaited Canadian Pacific cars. These cars were of course the prototype for our model and also the best selling scheme in the first group. We will be shipping them out to dealers and distributors as quickly as we can get them packed up!

N scale lighting

A bright idea in N scale…

Also in this shipment are more of our N scale “Easy-Peasy” lighting kits. We do try to keep these in stock at all times, but the last batch sold out much faster than we had planned. We apologize if you’ve been unable to get them over the last few weeks.

S.O.S. – Save Our Schemes!

endangered paint schemes

Keep the Reaper away!

Some of our newest cars are about to hit the scrapper before they even enter service! While orders on many schemes of the upcoming Super Continental Line 6-4-6 Sleeper and Grill-Parlor cars have really picked up, there are a few schemes that sadly seem to have been forgotten by the great model railroading public. The Chicago & North Western seems to be particularly forsaken – doesn’t anybody like the poor old C&NW? And how is it that we can sell gobs of cars painted in Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis or Gulf, Mobile & Ohio but almost none in Amtrak? That is one for the market research people to answer, if we were big enough to have a market research department. But there is still a little time left to save these paint schemes…

If we receive enough orders on the following cars before the end of the business day on June 30 they will get a reprieve! We know that some distributors and dealers have not yet finalized their orders, so if you or any of your customers want any of these great cars, PLEASE get your orders in to us by June 30.

HO Scale Post-War 6-4-6 Sleeper*

Pullman-Standard’s plan 4183A Post-War 6-4-6 Sleepers were rated as some of the most comfortable sleepers that Pullman ever produced and proved very popular with overnight passengers wherever they operated. They were a vast improvement over the pre-war version because the bedrooms had been moved to the center of the car for the most comfortable ride. State-of-the-art electrical systems and trucks were also light years beyond the cars delivered in the early 1940’s making them popular with operating departments.

The Rapido model is based on plan 4183A delivered to CN in 1954, which is very similar to plan 4183 delivered to L&N, C&EI and NCStL in 1953 and plan 4197 delivered to UP and WABASH in 1955. These cars have a similar window arrangement to our 10-5 sleeper, but are in fact completely different with all-new tooling, including a unique underbody arrangement, roof and interior. We have included all of the great features that you have come to expect from us, including:

  • Accurate dimensions
  • Full interior detail
  • Super-detailed underbody with all separate air, steam and electrical conduits
  • Flush-fitting windows with raised and painted window frames
  • Factory-applied grab irons and uncoupling levers
  • Operating diaphragms with etched metal end gates
  • Separate marker lamps
  • Super-detailed trucks
  • All-metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers
  • “Easy-Peasy” battery-powered interior lighting
  • Several car names per paint scheme
  • 18″ minimum radius for most cars (28″ or greater recommended)
  • Comprehensive warranty

*What’s with the name change? Well, in our original press releases we had referred to these cars as 6-6-4 sleepers, until it was pointed out to us that based on the room arrangement the 6-4-6 description was more common among fans. It’s the same car. Really.

The following paint schemes are endangered species:




Chicago & North Western


Great Northern


Milwaukee Road


Missouri Pacific – Jenks Blue


New York Central

The other schemes are also still available to order. Click here for a complete listing.

HO Scale Grill-Parlor (Buffet-Parlor) Car*

Based on the CN Pullman-Standard prototype, the Grill-Parlor Car and cars like it entered service over 50 years ago throughout the United States and Canada. Your passengers will be able to sit in rotating, reclining seats – sharing a pleasant conversation or reading the day’s paper as the countryside rushes by.In the mood for a sit-down meal? Well, a full-service dining area is just a few steps away. These cars were used on services that did not necessarily require a full-length diner, and are perfect to provide first class and dining services on your pike-sized passenger train.

*What’s with the name change? We had originally referred to these cars as Buffet-Parlors, a CN term. In the US they would likely have been known as Grill-Parlors. Once again, it’s the same great car.

The following paint schemes are endangered species:




Chicago & North Western

The other schemes are also still available to order. Click here for a complete listing.

Project Updates

More New Haven Coaches

Osgood Bradley coaches in the raw at our factory.

New Haven Coaches

Production is moving along at the factory on the HO scale Osgood Bradley 10 window coaches. Unfortunately, due to delays from some outside vendors we’re running behind schedule. Most of these cars will be here by the end of June, with the remainder shortly afterwards. We do appreciate your patience.

Save the LRC locomotive

LRC Locomotive 6917 waiting for preservation…

Save the LRC Update

Since Jason announced the Save the LRC campaign on behalf of the Toronto Railway Historical Association last month, the TRHA has raised almost $20,000 in donations! That means the fledgling Toronto Railway Heritage Centre is halfway to its phase one goal of completing the purchase of this historic locomotive.

If you would like to help preserve this important piece of Canadian railroad history, please click on the image below. The TRHA is a registered charity. Please note a donation to the LRC campaign does not in any way contribute to Rapido Trains Inc. Last time I checked, model train manufacturers did not qualify as charities. Then again, with the state of the economy these days, that could be up for debate…

Prototype Meet

Finally, I’m hoping that I might get a chance to meet some of you face-to-face.

I’ll be at the upcoming New England Prototype Modelers meet in Collinsville, CT June 4 and 5, and will likely be participating in the layout tours June 6. If you have not been to this meet (or in fact any other prototype modeling meets), then by all means try one. Dave and his crew do a great job of lining up clinics and models from all over the US and the meet is a great place to learn new techniques, share models and socialize with other modelers. There are no contests, no pressure, just fun. Pre-registration information is on their web site, or just show up at the door. Hope to see you there!

See you next month, and thanks as always for your support and enthusiasm!