Rapido Timetable No. 7

Rapido Timetable #7 / February 19, 2010

Rapido Timetable

Dear Rapido Customer,

So, some of you might well be wondering where we have been over the last month or two. That’s certainly a fair question since its been a while since the last Telegraph and Timetable came out. Rest assured, we have been busy! We’ve also had a chance to meet many of you in person and chat about Rapido projects and model railroading in general.

In January I attended Mike Brock’s “Prototype Rails” railroad prototype modeling meet in… well… chilly Cocoa Beach, Florida. In addition to being able to see the usual assortment of great model displays and informative clinics I once again had the chance to operate twice on Mike’s spectacular Union Pacific Sherman Hill layout, always one of the highlights of the trip for me (don’t tell Jason; he thinks that I was working…).

Bright and cheery fashions are a norm in sunny Cocoa Beach!

Sherman Hill in HO, with lots of big black sooty things!

At the end of January, Dan, Mark and I attended the Springfield Show in Massachusetts. Many of you were among the nearly 22,000 attendees at the show. We appreciate that you stopped by the booth, introduced yourselves and saw what we had to offer. For those who stopped by on Sunday afternoon, we apologize if we looked a little shell-shocked. As always it was quite a show!

We do have some important updates for you, so let’s get to it.

In this Timetable:

  • Newest Arrivals
  • New Products on the Way
  • Project Updates

Our new HO scale C&NW simplified scheme Duplex Sleeper

We’ve had several new products arrive in the last few weeks, all of which have been shipped to our distributors and dealers.

In our HO scale Super Continental Line we received the new Chicago & North Western (simplified scheme) and Union Pacific passenger cars.

The newest member of the line!

More of our new HO scale Wide-Vision Cabooses arrived, in Burlington Northern, CSX “Safety First”, Northern Pacific, Rock Island and Milwaukee Road.

Raymond Loewy would be proud…

New arrivals in the N scale Panorama Line are Northern Pacific coaches and sleepers in the classic two-tone Loewy scheme.

Please note that all of the above items are sold out at Rapido, but your dealer may still be able to order them from their distributor.

New Products on the Way

Coming in March – Algoma Central

HO Scale

The first release paint schemes of our HO scale Wide-Vision Cabooses have almost all arrived. The remaining cars are working their way through production now. Algoma Central and Ontario Northland cars are already on their way from the factory and due in March.

The last scheme to be released will be Canadian Pacific, due to arrive in April.

Chicago & North Western duplex sleeper

Chicago & North Western duplex sleeper

N Scale
The new Chicago & North Western and Union Pacific passenger cars are on their way and are due here in March.

Project Updates

With the cabooses now out of the way, our factory is concentrating almost exclusively on Osgood Bradley production. Watch for an updated delivery date in the next Timetable.

Now, for a teaser… I haven’t just been playing with other people’s trains over the last month. I’ve also been busy researching and designing our first US specific freight car. We are not ready to announce details yet, but here’s a hint…

Jason will be in touch in the next week or two with a new Telegraph. See you next month, and thank you all for your support and enthusiasm!