Rapido Timetable No. 4

Rapido Timetable #4 / October 8, 2009

Rapido Timetable

Dear Rapido Customer,

As I write this the leaves are just starting to turn color outside my window. October in New England is really breathtaking – and explains why so many layouts are based here. If you are in the area, check out the Valley Railroad before they close down regular operations for the season and see some spectacular fall colors.

Essex Steam Train

The Essex Steam Train/Valley Railroad (The ’73 Mustang is my choice in railfan transportation!)

Of course, as the weather cools down, most of us will be working more on our layouts and planning new modeling projects. Rapido has several items coming along that we are sure will be of interest.

In this Timetable:

  • Upcoming Order Deadlines
  • New Arrivals
  • What’s Coming Next
  • Project Updates

New Order Deadlines

CN Pullman Car

Buffet Parlor – Order Deadline October 15th

We have two pre-order reminders this month. We will be finalizing production numbers on the new HO scale Super Continental Line Buffet-Parlor and Club Galley cars so please be sure that you have your reservations in with your dealer before the deadline.

New Arrivals

GN Steam Heater

New “Oh, So Steamy!” Steam Generator Car – Great Northern

Just in time for the cooler weather (albeit a year later than planned – blame Jason!) we have received another shipment of more new HO scale Steam Generator Cars. These include:

New York Central

The Panorama Line N Scale Coach – New York Central

Also available at dealers now are our N scale Panorama Line New York Central coaches and sleepers in the classic two-tone grey scheme. Click here to see product and car numbers.

What’s Coming Next

The next shipment will include the remaining HO scale Steam Generator Cars in the first run, comprising Milwaukee Road (UP colors) and Santa Fe models. Don’t forget to order your 2nd run Steam Generator Cars by the December 1st deadline. Click here to download a PDF of paint schemes and product numbers.

Milwaukee Road

Milwaukee Road Duplex Sleeper in HO Scale

Also on the way are Super Continental Line HO scale Illinois Central Duplex Sleepers and Leg-Rest Coaches as well as Milwaukee Road Duplex Sleepers.

In the N scale Panorama Line, we’ll see Great Northern and Milwaukee Road (1950 scheme)Duplex Sleepers and Coaches. All going well, this shipment will arrive at our warehouse by the end of the month.

Project Updates

HO Scale Osgood Bradley Lightweights

Modelers interested in railroads that operated in my corner of the world have kept us busy answering questions about the availability of the upcoming Osgood Bradley Lightweights.
Well, we have some good news.

Late last week we received a new sample from the factory which incorporated all of the tooling and assembly changes that we had requested. After examining the detail changes it was time to play trains… I put the model through its paces on my layout.

Known internally as the “Schneider Torture Test,” my layout includes several elements that can… well… challenge (!) passenger cars including S-bend crossovers on curves, tight radius curves and a 22″ radius helix! I am pleased to say that the car passed with flying colors both on its own and in a train, despite the fact that it was a fully skirted car and therefore not SUPPOSED to be able to operate on less than a 24″ radius! (Non skirted cars will operate on a 22″ radius without difficulty).

Osgood Bradley Lightweight Coach

The new sample, expertly lettered by our factory for the Undec & Orated, operating on a radius that it was never meant to negotiate!

We have approved the sample for production to start in November. We will lock in the production numbers as soon as we need to order materials for production, which will be quite soon. If you have not reserved your cars already please make sure to order them at your favorite shop as soon as possible.

One final note. We try to keep our web site as up to date as possible, and this means that as items sell out we delete them from the site. While this makes it easier to keep up with what is currently available we realize that it does make it more difficult to find information on older releases that may still be in stock at dealers.

Because of this, we have now made an Excel spread sheet that lists all Rapido items, both current and past, which can be saved to your hard drive and used as a checklist to find all those great releases that you may have missed. Click here to download it.

That’s all for now. See you next month!