Rapido Timetable No. 1

Rapido Timetable 1 / June 26, 2009

Dear Rapido Customer,

Welcome to the first edition of The Timetable. If you’re seeing this, you should already be receiving The Rapido Telegraph in your e-mail boxes (if you’re not,click here) in which Jason rambles on about all sorts of upcoming projects that we are working on and pretty much anything else on his mind. I’ll try not to be quite so long-winded! My job will be to to keep you up-to-date on our current projects, ship dates and order deadlines. In other words, what’s happening now (or at least… very soon)!

In this Timetable:

  • New web site launched
  • N scale new product order deadline extended
  • New product deliveries
  • Hartford NMRA Train Show preparations
  • Who is this guy?!

All New Rapido Trains Inc. Web Site Launched!



After weeks of effort, hours of testing, and the invention of some interesting new vocabulary words (!) our new web site is up and running! Check out the new site at www.rapido.leverage.it The site includes many new images, updated product information, and several of Jason’s silly graphics that he managed to slip in when I wasn’t looking. Also included is an all new Gallery section where modelers can show off their handwork. If you have a photo that includes any of Rapido’s products in action be sure to send it to us with a little information about the image. You can even send us links to YouTube movies. Full submission guidelines are available on the Gallery page.

New N Scale Product Order Deadline

We have a confession to make…

We’re too busy.

Yep, its true. Our factory is working flat out trying to keep up with demand, but to no avail. However, because we have fallen so far behind you have an extra couple of weeks to get your reservations in on the next group of Panorama LineN scale products. Reservations are now due at Rapido by August 15, so be sure that you get your order in to your dealer before then.

The first group of cars has been selling very well – actually, several paint schemes are already sold out at Rapido. The next batch is likely to go just as quickly. With all of the projects that we have in the works, we are producing these very close to order, so there won’t be many left over. You can find all of the details in Telegraph 18, available on our new web site but here’s a quick recap:

We are introducing a new, third body style in the Panorama Line – the Dayniter Leg-Rest Coach. The detail level on this car, as would be expected, is superb. In fact, in photos its hard to tell them from their bigger HO scale brothers! Of course, it also includes “Easy-Peasy” battery powered interior lighting. Reservations are now due at Rapido by August 15. Delivery should be in late 2009 or early 2010.

Along with the Dayniters, we will be offering a number of new paint schemes on both our Panorama Line Coaches and Duplex Sleepers. The list is a veritable alphabet soup – ACR, CP, CofGa, C&O, D&H, DL&W, ERIE, IC, L&N, MILW, MP, N&W and ONR. Again complete details are in Telegraph 18, and on our new web site.
Reservations are now due at Rapido by August 15.

Speaking Of Paint Schemes… One of the cool new features of our new web site (did I mention our new web site?) is a complete index of all the paint schemes that we offer in both HO and N scales! Just find your favorite road name in your scale and click for a complete current product listing. (Of course, we don’t offer my favorite road on anything… yet… but more on that later).

New Product Deliveries

Our first shipment of our new Panorama Line N scale passenger cars has arrived and has been shipped to distributors and dealers. Included were Lightweight Coaches and Duplex Sleepers in Amtrak (phase 1), CN (wet noodle), PRR, SP, VIA and Undecorated. Some of these have sold out already, and the rest are selling quickly. These cars have all of the great details found on our HO models, only smaller. As with all Rapido passenger cars they also include our “Easy-Peasy” battery powered interior lighting.

In our HO scale Super Continental Line, Southern and Missouri PacificDayniters have shipped.

Hartford NMRA National Train Show

The National Model Railroad Association’s (NMRA) National Convention is being held in Hartford, Connecticut this year – not far from my home (more on that later too….). As always, the highlight for many is the National Train Showwhich is held at the end of the week-long convention. This year’s dates are July 10-12, and of course Rapido will be there in style! We intend to have samples of many of our new and upcoming products there, including the first decoration samples of the new Osgood Bradley lightweight coaches.

We know how tiring these shows can be, so as part of our booth we are incorporating the Rapido Lounge. Yes, you too can come hang out in our booths (booth numbers 145-147, right by the main entrance), talk with us about all the great stuff we have coming, and sit on our comfy chairs! That’s right, Canadian National/VIA Rail Canada seats from Jason’s ridiculously large collection (for instance, he just found 8 parlor seats and he is completely rebuilding them, but he has no clue what to do with them when they’re finished). If you’re really nice to us we’ll even give you a special edition collectable coaster and some free cookies!

Who is This Guy?!


Guess I should introduce myself since you’ll be hearing more from me in future issues of The Timetable. I’m Bill Schneider, the “new” product guy at Rapido. Actually, I’ve been involved in various levels of the hobby industry since 1982 which, as Jason keeps pointing out, makes me the “old guy” on the team. I’ve been with Rapido since May 1, and amazingly they’re still putting up with me!

Since I’ve come on board my projects have included finalizing painting information for the upcoming Osgood Bradley lightweight coaches and working with Jason and Dan to create Rapido’s new web site (did I mention the new web site?). I’m also starting development on some new 100% all-American freight cars to go with all that Canadian stuff Jason loves to do. I am an active HO modeler, modeling the New York, Ontario & Western. I live in central Connecticut, telecommuting to Rapido.

Rapido is a truly an energetic young company. I am greatly enjoying the chance to work with Jason, Dan and Jean and I look forward to working on many exciting new projects together. We will all be at the NMRA Train Show, and we hope you will stop by and say “hello.”