Rapido Telegraph 24

Rapido Telegraph 24 / April 19th, 2010

Dear Rapido Customer,

This Telegraph is a special release. We need your help.

Save the LRC

Help us preserve this locomotive.

Preserving LRC locomotive #6917

Over the last six months I have been negotiating with VIA Rail Canada to preserve one of the last remaining LRC locomotives. I am on the board of the Toronto Railway Historical Association. We’re opening a new railroad museum in downtown Toronto next month.

We finally came to an agreement with VIA earlier this year, and we placed a deposit to purchase the engine. But we need to find the balance of the purchase price by the beginning of August or we lose the deposit and the locomotive!

As many of you know, the LRC was a higher-speed train developed by Bombardier (MLW) in the 1970s for passenger operation in North America. The LRC was the one of the last locomotives in North America built with an Alco 251 prime mover, and the LRC concept was the grandfather of Bombardier’s high speed train program. If we are unable to save this locomotive, it will be scrapped along with all of the other LRCs on VIA property.

Bombardier LRC inspection

Inspecting the locomotive in the pouring rain, November 2009

The TRHA is a registered charity. Please click here to visit the “Save the LRC” web site and read more about the campaign. VIA has offered a number of $100 gift cards as a way of saying thanks to donors, and Rapido is donating LRC models as further incentives. I’ve put my money where my mouth is: the deposit for the locomotive came out of my personal line of credit. (My wife isextremely understanding!)

My grandmother and I were always very close. In my formative years I travelled to Montreal to spend most of my vacations with her… usually on trains with venerable LRC engines like 6917 on either end. Seeing 6917 I can’t help but think back to those care-free days spent with my grandmother, exploring the city of my birth. I remember waking up each morning to the delicious smells of a hot breakfast being prepared specially for me – she always spoiled me terribly. I lost my grandmother six years ago, and preserving 6917 is a way of maintaining a real connection to her memory. I am sure others have fond memories tied to these locomotives. LRC #6917 is worth saving.

Rapido LRC model

Exclusive run of LRC locomotive 6917 from the TRHA

Rapido is donating an exclusive custom run of sound-equipped LRC locomotives to the campaign. You can order your own model of 6917 from the TRHA or, if you donate $2000, you get the model for free. Full info and secure online ordering can be found at the LRC campaign pages here.

Thank you for indulging me for this email, which is not your typical Rapido newsletter. Hopefully we can raise the necessary funds and save this important piece of Canadian and passenger railway history.

All the best,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.

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