Rapido ProtoPaint

Rapido ProtoPaint

Rapido Trains Inc. is proud to announce our NEW line of acrylic model railroad paints.

Available now through dealers only! Ask your local hobby store to stock Proto-Paint.


Our paint is color/colour-matched to real paint chips for the most accurate shades possible. All our railroad paints dry to a decal-ready gloss finish and our weathering shades dry to a flat finish. All our paint is manufactured for us right here in Canada. Our first release will start with a variety of 60 different US and Canadian and paints, including such basics as Grimy Black, Slag Brown and Stencil White. We will be adding more paint shades regularly. If you have a paint you would like to see us produce please let us know.

Recommended Paint Practices

Looking for help or advice on how to use ProtoPaint? Click here!


  330001 Loco Black   330039 BCR/PGE Dark Green
  330002 Stencil White   330040 BCR/PGE Light Green
  330003 Primer   330041 BCR Yellow
  330004 Reducer   330042 BCR Blue
  330005 Flat Finish   330043 BCR Red
  330006 Flat Haze   330044 TTC Cream
  330007 Warm Black   330045 TTC Maroon
  330008 Grimy Black   330046 GO Green
  330009 Anti-Glare Black   330047 GO White
  330010 Slag Brown   330048 Metrolinx Light Green
  330011 New Rust   330049 Metrolinx Dark Green
  330012 Old Rust   330050 GTW Blue
  330013 CNR Green #11   330051 Conrail Blue
  330014 CNR Imitation Gold   330052 Amtrak Red
  330015 CN Red/Orange #11   330053 Amtrak Heritage Blue
  330016 CN Grey #11   330054 NH 409 Red/Orange
  330017 CN Lettering Grey #17   330055 NH Hunter Green
  330018 CNR Boxcar Red #12   330056 Pullman Green
  330019 CN/VIA Blue #16 TBC 330057 PRR DGLE Green
  330020 CN/VIA Yellow #18 TBC 330058 PRR Buff
  330021 VIA Grey   330059 B&O Blue
  330022 VIA Teal   330060 B&O Grey
  330023 CPR Tuscan   330061 Boxcar Red #1
  330024 CPR Diesel Grey   330062 Boxcar Red #2
  330025 CPR Diesel Yellow   330063 Boxcar Red #3
  330026 CPR Steam Grey   330064 Boxcar Red #4
  330027 CPR Mineral Brown Boxcar Red   330065 Amtrak Anthracite Grey
  330028 CP Action Red   330066 Amtrak Blue
  330029 CP Action Yellow   330067 Amtrak California Navy Blue
  330030 CP Action Green   330068 Amtrak Deep Blue
  330031 CP Bright Red   330069 Concrete
  330032 TH&B Cream   330070 NYC Light Grey
  330033 TH&B Maroon   330071 NYC Dark Grey
  330034 ONR Light Blue   330072 NYC Pacemaker Green
  330035 ONR Dark Blue   330073 Vintage White
  330036 ONR Yellow   330074 Retarder
  330037 ONR Green    
  330038 ONR Post-2000 Yellow    
Please note: Color/colours on screen may not match actual paint color/colour. Each bottle contains 1 fl.oz. of paint or 29.5ml.
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