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Rapido 3380 on the Road!

Rapido Trains Inc. #3380 with the iconic CN Tower in the background. April 2017. Photo by Adrian Badaraco

Rapido's own New Look bus #3380 doesn't just look great, but it drives great too! And we believe Torontonians never forget a beautiful thing, as many camera phones usually come out when 3380 tours the streets

April 8 2017

The Toronto Transportation Society occasionally has charters for its members in and around the Greater Toronto Area. On April 8th 2017 they chartered TTC Orion VII #7400 - slated for decommissioning later that year - and a special arrangement was made to have Rapido 3380 make a guest appearance. Needless to say, I think we stole the show.

3380 is front and centre with TTC 7400 (now retired) in the background while on a photo stop in the bus loop at York University. TTC buses stopped serving this loop once the Line 1 subway extension opened in December 2017.

April 2017

With a collection of 4 other buses (mostly New Looks as well), 3380 partook in a day long gathering of private bus owners and enthusiasts. Rapido's own Josh Anderchek may have started having flashbacks of when he was a TTC driver as well - at one point driving New Look buses downtown on routes like the 6 Bay - as a number of people even tried boarding our bus thinking it was actually in service! Below are a selection of photos from that event.

The entire group lined up at Polson Pier with the Toronto skyline in the background.


A lunch stop has the group parked at an unused TTC bus loop along Avenue Road near the former city limits. The bus behind is a former Spruce Meadows bus, which rubbed shoulders with our own 3380 for their entire careers in the Calgary area.


Showing off a TTC-inspired exposure, 3380 and a 30' "baby bowl" sit outside the Royal Ontario Museum and TTC's Museum Subway Station. 

July 31 2017

Of course who could forget the first time we introduced 3380 to our Pullman sleeping car, Edmundston. Both are under the ownership of Rapido and we continue to restore them both to (almost) new condition. Call it a labour of love!

Two beautiful works of art.

Over time, we will continue to update this page with photos from our adventures with 3380. Stay tuned!