RailCrew HO Scale Switch Stand

RailCrew HO Scale Switch stand


The RailCrew series of products can revolutionize the way you design and operate your model railroad. The range of HO Scale layout accessories initially comprises a Switch Machine with operating switch stand (switch stand available separately) and a very clever ON-OFF Uncoupler that eliminates unintended uncoupling wherever it is positioned.

RailCrew products will be available through all regular Rapido retailers and direct (multi-packs only).

The RailCrew Switch Stand comprises the injection plastic moulded switch stands and ten different plastic or photo-etched metal targets from the Switch Machine With Operating Switch Stand set. The targets (and optional, non-working lantern) are based on most major North American railroad designs and they can be made to rotate just like the real thing. Yes, you read that correctly.

This innovative new product features:

  • Easy to install on existing layouts
  • Museum-quality switch stands with rotating targets
  • Racor 17B (tall), 31B (tall) and 20C (low) switch stands ALL included!

Railcrew HO Switch Stands

UPDATE: September 8, 2016

A lot of people are still waiting for their Switch Machines, and here’s a detailed update on that project. We actually did produce a full run, but we found some issues that were serious enough that we decided not to ship out the run. It’s now been cannibalized for parts in our warehouse so we have PLENTY of switch stands available for your layout. In fact, we can probably meet your switch stand needs even if your layout is the size of Kentucky.

We’ve now redesigned the internal switch mounts for more reliable operation; we’ve added a temperature switch to provide heat protection; we’ve added a ceramic capacitor to solve the Back EMF problem; and we’ve increased the size of the magnets. We want these switch machines to provide you with years of trouble-free operation, and we were not willing to ship them out unless they were perfect.

We’re also tooling some new parts to help with installation. Have a look at the photos and descriptions below.

The moulds will be finished in October and then we will remake the switch machines, with delivery in late summer 2017.

We apologize for the delay, but we think you will agree that it is better to wait and get a product that will give you a lifetime of reliable operation than to rush something to delivery and have it cause you endless frustration.

Railcrew HO Scale Switch Stand
Item Description MSRP
320104 Switch Stand –
One each of all three styles with targets
$5.95 US /$6.95 CDN Please see your Dealer.
320105 Switch Stand 12-pack
12 each of all three styles with targets
$64.95 US/$71.95 CDN Order Now

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