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HO Scale 53' Husky Stack Car and Container


2,130 cars (TTX Class GWF13) were built for TTX between 2003-4, numbers DTTX 645000-647129.




We originally revealed the 53' "Husky Stack" Well Car and 53' High-Cube Container in HO Scale back in June 2016 with some early samples and we'll be honest, it was rather overshadowed by the other Prime Movers model we announced at the same time, the GE Dash 8-40CM "Draper Taper". Sales were decent enough but with something of a capacity crunch in our factories last year there were always more important projects pushing ahead of it. Happily those issues are now behind us so it's time that we got serious and announced a firm order deadline for this model. The really good news is that this delay has allowed us to respond to customer feedback and upgrade the specification with NO CHANGE in the popular "wife-approved™" MSRP. We've taken this model out of the Prime Movers by Rapido range and given it etched metal walkways and factory-installed vertical handrail grabs. The container twin packs will now also feature individually numbered containers, so if you're a stickler for that sort of thing you don't have to change any numbers.

Retooled and ready for production - the relaunched HO Scale 53' "Husky Stack" Well Car now features etched metal walkways and grabs on the corner ladders. We're very proud the move this model into our standard "high detail" range of models - at no additional cost!

A quick recap then. The Rapido 53' well car is a single-unit double-stack design built at Trenton Works, Nova Scotia, between 2003-4. Nearly 4,000 of these Husky Stacks are operating across the USA and Canada with TTX Company (DTTX) and Canadian Pacific (CP) reporting marks and it's not unusual to find at least three or four 53' Husky Stacks in a train. The 53' high-cube container was constructed by Hyundai and is an insulated dry box design with riveted sheet/post sides and an optional heater box/fuel tank. These are among the most common containers in Canada, designed to protect cargo transported through the extreme cold of the winter, and can be found painted in the colorful schemes of Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and numerous transportation companies. Similar designs can also be found working across the USA.


Canadian Pacific acquired 500 53' Husky-Stack® cars in 2004, numbers CP 527000-527499.

We will be offering six numbers per paint scheme along with undecorated. Each well car will come with two 53' high cube containers randomly selected from the eight schemes outlined below. Our well car features a die-cast body with injection moulded end handrails and brake detail, plus combination plastic and etched metal running boards. The trucks are a new free-rolling 70-ton design with three springs visible. separate in-line brake shoes and 33" wheels designed to the same specification as our highly regarded 52'6" mill gondola. The car is factory-fitted with our metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers.

Sometimes procrastinating really does pay off - check out those lovely metal walkways! Note also the laser fine rivet detail on the 53' high-cube container. Beauty goal as Jason might say.

The opposite end of the well car showing the brake reservoir and air cylinder layout. The trucks are hidden away but this is an all new 70-ton design.

The 53' container introduces a new design never before offered in quality form in HO Scale. The insulated dry boxes are ubiquitous in Canadian intermodal trains operating for Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and a huge number of transportation companies! They are also seen throughout the US mid-West as far south as New Orleans. The models will also feature a heater box and fuel tank - dependent on paint scheme - with full printing. These heaters are designed to protect cargo transported through the extreme cold of the Canadian winter. We will be producing eight paint schemes in the first run, four Canadian and four classic US liveries, along with undecorated. As follows:

BNSF/Hub Group CN Intermodal (with train graphic) CN Worldwide CN We Deliver (latest scheme) Canadian Pacific (latest scheme) CSX Intermodal (boxcar) J.B. Hunt Schneider National Undecorated

Schneider National and BNSF containers.

Schneider National and BNSF containers.


This model features full razor-sharp printing of all livery elements. The 53' Husky-Stack and 53' High-Cube Container are priced: 53' Husky-Stack with two containers: $49.95 (US), $59.95 (Canada) 53' High-Cube Container (2-pack): $24.95 (US), $29.95 (Canada)

The order deadline is now closed. Please contact your dealer. Delivery expected in mid 2019.

 Please note: the minimum web order is $100 before tax and shipping.

DTTX "husky Stack" with CN and JB Hunt containers.

DTTX "husky Stack" with CN and JB Hunt containers.


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