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HO Scale Modernized EMD FL9



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Continuing the theme of rebuilt passenger locomotives, Rapido Trains Inc. is delighted to announce the rebuilt FL9 in HO scale! The FL9 was a critical locomotive for operations out of Grand Central Terminal, and in the 1980s the decision was made to rebuild and upgrade many of them. This included the addition of HEP in place of the older steam heat boilers, upgraded braking systems and electronics. These rebuilds were done in several batches for Metro North and Amtrak.


Image courtesy: Patrick Yough

Notable among these rebuilt units were four which were sold to the Connecticut Department of Transportation and were rebuilt by Chrome Crankshaft in 1984-85. Operated for ConnDOT by Metro North, these locomotives re-entered service wearing their original New Haven McGinnis scheme. Metro North later also repainted two units (2012 and 2013) in a fictitious but eye-catching New York Central "Lightning Stripe" scheme for service on the Hudson Line. In their rebuilt form the remaining FL9 fleet operated until 2009, becoming the last F-units in daily mainline passenger service in the United States. Two units, former Amtrak 488 and 489, went on to see further service on the Maine Eastern until 2015.

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Image courtesy: Patrick Yough

Our HO scale rebuilt FL9 model features:

  • Correct HEP roof details
  • Updated underbody details
  • Modernized classification lights
  • Nose and rear HEP receptacles
  • Optional, operating ditch lights
  • Correct horns and accurate paint schemes
  • All of the other amazing features from our first FL9 release



Image courtesy: Patrick Yough

Available FL9 paint schemes are:

  • Amtrak Phase III
  • ConnDoT (New Haven)
  • Maine Eastern
  • Metro North (Blue/Red)
  • Metro North (Silver/Blue)
  • Metro North (New York Central)

Please reserve yours today. The MSRP is $349.95 (DC/DCC/Sound) and $249.95 (DC/Silent) in the United States and the rest of the world. In Canada, the MSRP is $399.95/$299.95. 

The order deadline has passed. The delivery date is Winter 2021.

For a full listing of first run paint schemes and to reserve please click on the appropriate button below.

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Image courtesy: Otto M. Vondrak