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HO Scale Alco RS-11 - ARHS Exclusive


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Rapido Trains Inc. is very happy to announce that we've partnered with those fantastic guys at the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc. to produce two further paint scheme variations on the Lehigh Valley RS-11 (ARS-20 using LV nomenclature). Launched to universal acclaim, our HO scale Alco roadswitcher announcement also resulted in a bulging inbox of requests for the colorful Cornell Red that was applied to a pair of these units, Nos. 7640 and 7643, in the first half of 1973. As much as we love the Lehigh Valley, this classic North Eastern railroad didn't like to make it easy for model manufacturers. While both received broadly the same paint scheme using the "new" 1970s Cornell Red, the position of almost every element changed in some way! That's right, the large billboard "LEHIGH VALLEY" on the sides moved, as did the classic black LV diamond on the ends and the white hazard striping. The Rapido RS-11 (ARS-20) will faithfully recreate the authentic 1973-6 appearance of both locomotives with all paint scheme differences and will also provide perfect fodder for early Conrail fans and their "CR" patchouts. The Lehigh Valley units are accurately based on our Pennsylvannia Railroad RS-11 tooling with other road specific details. See our full list of features below. The Rapido HO Scale RS-11 model features:

  • Correct hood and roof profiles 3D scanned from the prototype
  • Operating number boards, headlights and green and white class lights and cab control stand lighting
  • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions
  • Roadname-specific details including steps, lights, equipment boxes, handrails, fuel tanks, air intake louvers and more!
  • Full underbody piping, conduits and steam lines, where appropriate
  • Correct roadname-specific corner steps
  • Separate grab irons and wire handrails installed at the factory
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis and full, multi-colour/color interior
  • Rapido’s proven 5-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels and silky-smooth drive
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound)
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a real Alco 251B prime mover
  • Factory-installed Macdonald-Cartier couplers mounted at the correct height

The US MSRP $225 (DC/Silent) and $335 (DC/DCC/Sound). The MSRP is $249.95 (DC/Silent) and $359.95 (DC/DCC/Sound) in Canada.

Delivery in mid-late 2019.


Lehigh Valley RS-11 (ARS-20) 1970s Cornell Red #7640 Proceeds benefit the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc.

Road # DC/Silent Item #   DC/DCC/Sound Item #  
7640 31051  

Lehigh Valley RS-11 (ARS-20) 1970s Cornell Red #7643 Proceeds benefit the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc.
Road # DC/Silent Item #   DC/DCC/Sound Item #  
7643 31052  




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