Prime Movers by Rapido

Prime Movers by Rapido



GE Dash 8-40CM “The Draper Taper” Locomotive

Prime Movers by Rapido is a new series of model trains for all budgets. We’re aiming for these models to pass the Three-Foot Test but they don’t go crazy on the details like our regular product line.

This not just a re-release of existing models with some of the bits left off; nor is it an attempt to squeeze more sales out of 20-year-old tooling by giving it a catchy new name. Prime Movers by Rapido is an all-new line of model trains featuring all-new tooling and new prototypes. Most importantly, Prime Movers by Rapido features

Wife-Approved Pricing™


Gunderson 53′ Husky Stack Stand-Alone Double-Stack Well Car

Many of the extra details are included in the box. If you want to super detail your model, you can go to town and the little bag of bits included with the model will give you a head start. If you want to take it out of the box and just let it run, all the power to you!

We will continue to make museum-quality models. But we’re making these too.

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GE Dash 8-40CM “The Draper Taper” Locomotive

Gunderson 53' Husky Stack stand-alone well car and 53' high-cube container

Gunderson 53′ Husky Stack Stand-Alone Double-Stack Well Car and 53′ Modern High-Cube Container

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What About Previous Releases?
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