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In 1970, CP embarked on a progam to rebuild its aging fleet of GP9 road switchers. The locomotives had their front noses chopped along with many other appearance details change. The later rebuilds would receive upgraded 645 power assemblies. The rebuild program lasted until 1988 and ushered in the plain CP Rail red scheme.
Starting in 1993, CP converted various end-cab switchers to “daughter” units, or slugs, by decommissioning or removing the prime mover (replacing it with ballast to return the unit to its operating weight) and drawing power for the traction motors from GP9u “mother” units using cables that were semi-permanently connected between the units. All of the mother units were drawn from the 1500/1600 series of GP9u units. 



✅First ever accurate model in plastic - often imitated, never exact!

✅ Long service lives, 1980s+, all throughout Canada and the US

✅ Powered slug with traction motor sounds and flashing beacons








   The Rapido Trains HO Scale CP Chop Nose GP9u locomotive features:

  • Heavy diecast frame with super detailed piping and traction cables
  • Detailed Blomberg trucks (Later series have rotating bearing caps)
  • Traction motor details on gearboxWorking track lights, class lights, control stand lights
  • Metal side handrails
  • Working ditch lights on prototypically appropriate road numbers
  • Front and rear plows, plates or footboards on appropriate road numbers


   The Rapido Trains HO Scale CP Chop Nose GP9u Slug features:

  • Heavy diecast frame
  • Metal handrails
  • Removed exhaust stacks
  • Full lighting and flashing beacons
  • Both models will have: DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DCC/ESU LokSound



Ever experience a loss of power? Experience it no more with the all-new "Mo-Power" capacitor.

Designed by Rapido with the guidance of ESU LokSound, this handy electrical component, which is integrated with the main PCB board, ensures you run uninterrupted from a momentary loss of track power. It will provide anywhere from two to five seconds of juice, depending on the Rapido locomotive.





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