HO New Look Bus – TTC Exclusive

HO New Look Bus – TTC Exclusive


Photo courtesy David Onodera.

Rebuilt “New Look” #2067 is on the southbound Leslie 51 turning into Eglinton Station in June 1999.
The driver has already changed the destination sign for the northbound trip.
Photo courtesy David Onodera.

We could not have made this incredible bus model without the generous help of the Toronto Transit Commission. They gave us unfettered access to the real bus and have been extremely encouraging throughout the development process. (They even spoke positively about our real Rapido Bus in the local media. Click here to read the article from the Toronto Sun.)

To continue that productive relationship we are pleased to announce a model of our New Look bus in the modern TTC livery as operated on rebuilt Toronto New Looks from 1995 to 2012. This is an exclusive for the TTC Shop.

We are producing five different bus numbers plus an unnumbered version. Each model includes decals for destination signs and licence plates.

Please click here to reserve your exclusive modern TTC bus model from the TTC Shop. And thanks to the TTC for all their help and for commissioning the custom model. We could not have done this without them.

TTC Modern (TTC Exclusive Paint Scheme)
Road # Standard
MSRP $59.95 CDN
2078 701043C button-reserve-now 751043C button-reserve-now
2085 701044C button-reserve-now 751044C button-reserve-now
2091 701045C button-reserve-now 751045C button-reserve-now
2150 701046C button-reserve-now 751046C button-reserve-now
2153 701047C button-reserve-now 751047C button-reserve-now
No # 701048C button-reserve-now 751048C button-reserve-now
You can only pre-order your TTC Modern New Look Buses direct from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).
Click here for details.


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