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Nostalgia Trip: Yonge St Painting

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New Look Bus - The Book



 Please CLICK HERE for a list of paint schemes (produced in 2017).


Please CLICK HERE for a list of Exclusive paint schemes (produced in early 2019).

The New Look Bus was the face of North American public transit in the latter half of the 20th century, with almost 45,000 built between 1959 and 1986. Everyone remembers the New Look, also known as the “Fishbowl” Bus. Amazingly, for a bus that had such an enormous impact on the urban fabric of our towns and cities, there have been surprisingly few models made of it. The existing models - in 1/50 and 1/87 - suffer from serious dimensional flaws. The real New Look Bus was all about curves. The body cross section is fairly "tubular" with a pronounced curve to the whole side. The windows, similarly, are not straight. The ends have very distinct curves throughout. Yet every model to date has these areas dead straight. It means that the existing models were designed from rough two-dimensional plans and not from real blueprints.

One of the undecorated New Look Bus models showing the closed side.

Note some of the optional roof details we installed on this sample.


Early sample of our CTCUM blue New Look - This is an STM Exclusive.

We went one step further than real blueprints. We actually did a 3D scan of a real New Look Bus (watch the video below to find out more). And then we shrunk it to HO scale. We can thus honestly say that the Rapido New Look Bus is the only New Look Bus model that is the correct shape. Our first release is based on a T6H-5307N with double-stream rear exit doors. But we plan to do more versions in the future.

ho-newlookbus-painting-iconTo celebrate our first bus model, we have commissioned an exclusive painting from famous Toronto artist Raffi Anderian which is available NOW as a signed and numbered, limited-edition print. Click here for more information about "Nostalgia Trip: Yonge Street" and to order your print.


The Rapido New Look Bus is a truly revolutionary bus model. Rapido's train models are known for "pushing the envelope" of what it is possible to do in 1/87 scale. In most of our passenger car models, every seat is a separate casting so that you can see through the armrests and have proper cushion contours. Our lavatories have faucets on the sinks. Our underframes are completely detailed.

Yet in the model bus industry, most models still have diecast bodies with oversized details, inset windows, smooth surfaces where there should be rivets, one-piece interiors and underbodies without any detail at all. That's not good enough for us. We love buses so much we even own our own. (Click here to read about The Rapido Bus.) Our injection-moulded New Look Bus comes in a standard version that is head and shoulders above any other bus model in 1/50 or smaller. Rivets, interior stanchions, separately-moulded seats, steerable front wheels - these are standard on all of our models. The deluxe version features painted seatback handrails and a full lighting package!

The interior lighting on the Deluxe models shows off the two-tone seats and

printed silver handrails. The two wires lead to a DC power supply.

We're fixing the "wibble" in the window glass.



The interior of our Deluxe model showing lighting and two-tone seats

with printed silver handrails. The stanchions are standard on all models.



Incredible detail, even on the chassis! Note the steerable front wheels.

This also shows you how small our super-detailed bus actually is.

Based on the other photos, you are forgiven for thinking it was a 1/24th scale model!

 Please CLICK HERE for a list of paint schemes.



All of our New Look Bus models include:

  • Correct tubular profile
  • Full interior including separate seats with seatback handrails and grooved flooring
  • Etched-metal interior stanchions and stamped-metal handrail
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Rubber tires
  • Printed "metal" window frames
  • Printed windshield gaskets (silver or black, as appropriate)
  • Double-stream rear exit doors (first time ever in a mass-produced New Look model!)
  • Three kinds of bumper (steel, water jug and REAL rubber)
  • Standee windows or sheet metal panel as appropriate
  • Optional air conditioning housing with etched-metal fan cover
  • Optional etched-metal advertisement frames
  • Optional rear window air intakes and high level exhaust
  • Optional roof hatches, Sinclair antenna, microwave antenna, and cellular/wifi antenna
  • Multiple route/destination decals
  • Some liveries include licence plate decals

Our Deluxe New Look Bus features all of the above, plus:

  • Interior lighting
  • Working headlights and tail lights
  • Illuminated front destination sign
  • Painted seatback handrails
  • Two-tone seats (where appropriate)

A 12V DC power supply is required to power the lighting (not included).



The Rapido Trains Inc. 1/87 New Look Bus INTRODUCTORY PRICE is: Canada CDN $79.95 (Deluxe) and CDN $59.95 (Standard) USA/ International USD $69.95 (Deluxe) and USD $49.95 (Standard) As usual, these models will be made to order.

The order deadline for this model is now closed. Delivery in late 2017/early 2018.

 Please CLICK HERE for a list of paint schemes (produced in 2017).



You can also order New Look Bus parts separately. These include:

  • Bus lighting kits
  • Steerable front wheel sets
  • Budd wheels, tires and axles
  • Different bumper styles
  • Undecorated bus kits


Three kinds of bumper (steel, water jug and REAL rubber)


Click on image for hi-res version.

Click on image for hi-res version.


Our original plan was to print on the standee windows (the little windows above the normal windows) as this is what every other manufacturer has done. But that wasn't sitting well with us, as you would not get the feeling of the raised gaskets. And Rapido is not known for following what other people do. Our New Look Bus comes with a recessed area above the side windows. In the assembly process, we will install an etched-metal piece that represents blank sheet metal (as used on TTC buses) or standee windows with raised gaskets (as used on most agency buses, including our own Rapido Bus). The standee windows will be painted and printed to look like real standee windows. This is a compromise, as the windows need to be a scale 3" short in order to fit in the recessed panel. But we think it will look far, far better than just printing them on.


One of the undecorated New Look Bus models showing the door side.

Note some of the optional roof details we installed on this sample.



Overhead view of our New Look Bus showing optional roof hatches.


Rapido has enlisted the help of a number of experts in the design of our New Look Bus model. First and foremost is our own Dan Garcia. Dan is convinced that he isn't a bus foamer, but he is a long-time member and the webmaster of the Toronto Transportation Society and has forgotten more than most people know about New Look buses in Ontario. We should add that when we were watching a video on New Look buses, he kept pausing the video to correct the narrator. And he knew it all from memory.

Peter Newgard is one of the world's greatest New Look Bus experts. Peter worked at OC Transpo for 28 years. He eventually became the equipment manager, in charge of all bus and garage maintenance. Peter was involved with the specification and purchase of buses for OC Transpo for more than two decades. Peter trained as a draftsman in university and has been drawing buses for over 50 years. His knowledge extends beyond New Look buses. He knows North American buses from 1936 to the present, and he has advised other manufacturers on their bus models in the past.

David Onodera has been a model railroader and bus fan for almost 60 years. His passion for both began early... at the age of four he decided that he would someday be a bus driver! He fulfilled his dream by becoming a coach driver for TTC-subsidiary Gray Coach Lines, later becoming a TTC Operator. He operated New Look buses of every model in the TTC fleet in the mid-1970’s – the golden age of the New Look. David later worked at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) and has managed transit systems in Timmins, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan. He is also member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation and has served as the only Editor of its quarterly newsletter, the Bulletin, for almost 24 years.

 Please CLICK HERE for a list of paint schemes.


Rapido Trains Inc. also owns a former Calgary Transit "New Look" which it is restoring to the classic TTC maroon and cream colours. You can read more about this project here.