HO Scale Modern GMD-1 with Stripes!

HO Modern GMD-1 (with Stripes!)


Alright, alright. Ever since we announced the GMD-1 locomotive back in 2012, all we’ve heard is “When are you doing the ones with the stripes?”

So Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to announce… the ones with the stripes!

There are three different versions of GMD-1 locomotives with stripes. And of course, we’re doing all three.


A trio of 1600-series GMD-1A locos on the Prairies. Photo courtesy Brian Schuff.

1600-Series (6-Axle) GMD-1A

In 1988, CN began a comprehensive rebuild program of 15 of its 1000-series, six-axle GMD-1 locomotives to provide the remaining prairie branchlines with reliable, lightweight power. The rebuilds were performed by CN’s Pointe-St-Charles shops in Montreal and included: upgraded 645C power assembly; anticlimbers; ditch light brackets; straight exhaust stacks; upgraded sanding; improved traction motors; and Wabco 26L brakes. Most importantly, the units received a john in the short hood! The batteries were moved to the sides of the cab. To make switching easier, the units were oriented short-hood forward.

These locomotives were classified GMD-1A, or GR-612a. They operated primarily in the Prairies until their next rebuild between 1998 and 2000. More on those below.

Our model features operating ditch lights on the short hood end.


1412 leads a train in Oakville, Ontario. Photo courtesy Michael Da Costa.

1400-Series (4-Axle) GMD-1B

CN followed the 1600-series rebuilds in 1988 with the 1400-series rebuilds in 1989. The main difference between the 1400s and the 1600s were the fuel tanks and trucks. With the closure or selloff of most of CN’s lightweight branchlines, there was less need for six-axle units with their reduced pulling power.

The GMD-1B received a larger, 2000 gallon fuel tank and the four-wheel Flexicoil trucks taken (in most cases) from retired GP9s.

The 1400s operate long-hood forward, and our model features operating ditch lights on the long hood end.


1430-1444 Series (4-Axle) GMD-1A

The purge of lightweight branchlines continued through the 1990s and CN decided to rebuild the 1600s… again. They received four-wheel Flexicoil trucks from retired 1100-series GMD-1s. Many of these locomotives are still operational today.

Our 1430-1444 models feature working ditch lights on BOTH ends.

The MSRP is $349.95 (DC/DCC/Sound) and $249.95 (DC/Silent).

The order deadline has now closed. Please contact your dealer.
Delivery in June 2017.

For a full listing of first run paint schemes please scroll down.


Available Versions:
1600-Series (6-Axle) GMD-1A 1400-Series (4-Axle) GMD-1B
1430-1444 Series (4-Axle) GMD-1A Undecorated
1600-Series (6-Axle) GMD-1A – CN “Stripes”
DC/Silent – MSRP $249.95, DC/DCC/Sound – MSRP $349.95
1600 10101 10601 button-contact-us
1601 10102 10602 button-contact-us
1602 10103 10603 button-contact-us
1607 10104 10604 button-contact-us
1610 10105 10605 button-contact-us
1613 10106 10606 button-contact-us
Pre-orders are now closed for this release.
1400-Series (4-Axle) GMD-1B – CN “Stripes”
DC/Silent – MSRP $249.95, DC/DCC/Sound – MSRP $349.95
1400 10107 10607 button-contact-us
1402 10108 10608 button-contact-us
1409 10109 10609 button-contact-us
1412 10110 10610 button-contact-us
1416 10111 10611 button-contact-us
1423 10112 10612 button-contact-us
Pre-orders are now closed for this release.
1430-1444 Series (4-Axle) GMD-1A – CN “Stripes”
DC/Silent – MSRP $249.95, DC/DCC/Sound – MSRP $349.95
1434 10113 10613 button-contact-us
1435 10114 10614 button-contact-us
1437 10115 10615 button-contact-us
1439 10116 10616 button-contact-us
1440 10117 10617 button-contact-us
1444 10118 10618 button-contact-us
Pre-orders are now closed for this release.

1400-Series (4-Axle) GMD-1B – Undecorated
DC/Silent – MSRP $249.95, DC/DCC/Sound – MSRP $349.95
 N/A 10119 10619 button-contact-us
Pre-orders are now closed for this release.

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