HO Scale Canadian FP9A/F9B

HO Canadian FP9A/F9B Project

truenorth-logo_800No stand-ins. No stretches. No fakes. The True North FP9A.


Our GMD FP9s are the only accurate GMD FP9s ever made in plastic. Period.


Rapido’s True North Locomotives FP9A is a team effort and a labour of love from a bunch of detail fanatics. We did not compromise on our GMD (General Motors Diesel Division, London, Ontario) FP9A locomotive. Before the Rapido FP9A arrived on the market, your only options for an accurate FP9A were brass or a major kitbash. Our FP9A is 100% accurate for CN and CP – we tooled all-new shells and underbodies for each company!

Our FP9As feature unmatched levels of detail that border on the insane, such as all-separate piping under the frame, hanging rerailers with chains holding them in place, and fuel and water tank vents sticking up out of the roof – a first in HO scale F-unit models! The body sides feature our unique “No-Warp Grills.” Each grill is a C-channel pressed into the shell that won’t warp no matter what humidity and temperature changes it is subjected to.


CP FP9A #1406 in CP Action Red

Model Railroad News called our FP9A “a model that is second to no model of an F-unit ever produced in HO scale.” The magazine also summarized our FP9A by writing:

“This is a very impressive scale model locomotive. While it is not the cheapest ready-to-run model of an F-unit around, it is the most detailed that I have ever seen, and its running qualities are excellent. It may seem a cliché, but I feel that the Rapido True North FP9A sets a new standard for HO-scale diesel locomotives against which others will be judged.”


Some of you may ask, why are we going to all this trouble? The answer is simple. There are numerous obvious and subtle differences between a GMD FP9 – used by CN, CP and VIA and virtually every secondhand owner in North America – and the EMD FP9 of which there were a grand total of four operating in the USA and none in Canada. In addition, the CN and CP versions of these locomotives were each unique onto themselves.

Until now, if you wanted an FP9A your options were F7 models painted as FP9As or, worse, FP7 models with `an added detail or two and passed off as FP9As. Our True North Locomotives FP9As have been tooled from the start as FP9As. This means that they have all of the correct details for either the CN or CP versions, including the numerous detail differences between groups of units.


Click to find out more about what makes the GMD FP9 so different.

VIA (ex-CN) F9B

VIA (ex-CN) F9B

We also offer the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific F9B Locomotives in HO scale. CNR’s F9B locomotives were unique, with a single louver in place of the centre porthole and CP’s had three portholes and a unque stainless grille. Our models incorporate all of these differences and more.

All models are available in DC or in DCC with Rapido’s unique 567C sound recordings as used on our popular FP9A locomotives.

Currently we are in the process of manufacturing the CP FP9A in CP maroon and CP Action Red and we’re taking orders for the CP FP9B in the same paint schemes.


The True North FP9A features:

  • Motor and gears designed for smooth slow-speed operation. Click here for more info
  • Road-number and era-specific details applied at the factory
  • Correct fuel tank, end door, and other unit-specific details
  • See-through fans
  • Separate underbody air piping and details
  • Metal Macdonald-Cartier Knuckle Couplers mounted at correct height
  • Operational headlight and user-applied operational ditch lights
  • Operational class lights and backup light (DCC)
  • Available in both DC/Silent and DC/DCC/Sound
  • Sound-equipped version use EMD 567C sounds recorded from a real FP9 locomotive in service. Click here for more.
  • Several road numbers plus unnumbered available
  • Decals with alternative locomotive numbers provided
  • Correct Colours
  • 100% accurate for the Canadian FP9A. This is not a stand-in.

CN FP9ACP FP9ACN F9BCP F9BCN FP9A Secondhand Owners

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