HO Scale 52’6″ Mill Gondola

HO 52’6″ Mill Gondola
Rapido HO Ultimate Gondola

HO 52-6 Gondola CP

Sorry these models are sold out. Please check with your dealer or contact us for more information.

Rapido Trains Inc. and MLW are pleased to offer a true Canuck classic, the Ultimate Canadian HO Scale Gondola. This 52’6” mill gon was produced starting in 1943 and continuing through the 1950s for several Canadian railroads, and is the accurate model to replace all those stand-ins you bought in the 1990s!

These cars and others almost identical to them were built in large numbers by National Steel Car (Hamilton) and Eastern Car Company (Trenton). Our mill gon was used in general service and travelled widely throughout the United States and Canada well into the 1980s. Many remain in company service today!

Our model fully captures the details of the prototype car. Features include delicate Z (Zed/Zee) bracing, with separate wire grab irons, positionable drop ends and ratchet style hand brakes. Full underbody detail is of course included while a die-cast metal floor ensures good weight for trouble-free operation.

The interior has not been neglected either; it includes full rivet and tie-down details. Three different 70-ton trucks – solid bearing, roller bearing and solid bearing side frames with roller bearing inserts – all are offered as appropriate. Trucks feature turned, free-rolling metal wheels. Our metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers are fitted standard.

Surprise second run of HO Scale Gondolas!

HO CN noodle gondola
The factory asked us for a small project to do while they were working on the GMD-1 locomotives so we’re pleased to announce a new run of HO scale gondolas with new numbers!.  These are AVAILABLE NOW and are available only through dealers on a first-come, first-served basis.  We are not selling these direct. Hurry as quantities are extremely limited!

Each six-pack includes all-new car numbers. Dealers may break up the six pack for individual sales.Dealres and distributors must order by six pack.

Our HO Scale Model Features:

  • Accurate Z-brace side posts
  • Fully decorated and assembled
  • Factory-installed grab irons
  • Fullly detailed underbody
  • Poritionable drop ends
  • Correct trucks
  • Magnetic metal knuckle couplers at the correct height
  • Free-rolling turned metal wheelsets
  • Full interior detail
  • Multple car numbers

HO 52-6 gondola CP delivery scheme

Rapido Ultimate Ho Scale Gondola

Second run Paint Schemes:
Positionable drop end and fully detailed interior.

Positionable drop end and fully detailed interior. Pre-production samples shown, Subject to revision

COMPLETE underbody details. Check out the Z-bracing!

COMPLETE underbody details. Check out the Z-bracing! Pre-production samples shown, Subject to revision.

Available trucks:
Ho 70-ton Barber truck
Barber Stabilized 70-ton Solid Bearing
HO 70-ton Barber truck with roller bearing inserts
Barber 70-ton with roller bearing inserts

HO 70-ton Barber s-2 roller bearing truck
Barber 70-ton Roller Bearing
Crdeit Valley Railway
Credit Valley Exclusive – 2nd Run Algoma Central Gondolas!
HO CP Delivery gondolaAlgoma central – 6 new car numbers available
Built 10-11/43 – Delivery scheme, solid bearing trucks
Available exclusively from Credit Valley Railway!
50029 Six-pack #1 609, 612, 625, 657, 683, 696
Single cars are available. Contact Credit Valley Railway.

HO CP Delivery gondola
Canadian Pacific (delivery) – 6 new car numbers available
Built 10-11/43 – Delivery scheme, solid bearing trucks
Single * Please contact your dealer
50023 Six-pack #1 339005, 339012, 339027, 339146, 339224, 339252
HO CP Action red Gondola
Canadian Pacific (action red – 12 new car numbers available
Built 7-12/52 – 1970s scheme (1973 reweigh), solid bearing trucks w/roller bearing inserts
Single * Please contact your dealer
50024 Six-pack #1 340212, 340229, 340273, 340321, 340359, 340406
50025 Six-pack #2 340413, 340427, 340459, 340462, 340475, 340490

HO PGE gondola
Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo – 6 car numbers available
Built 10/53 – Delivery scheme, solid bearing trucks
Single * Please contact your dealer
50026 Six-pack #1 2425, 2423, 2539, 2501, 2523, 2532
HO CN noodle gondola
Canadian National (noodle) – 6 new car numbers available with alternate logo location
Built 8-10/49 – 1960s +scheme (1965 reweigh), roller bearing trucks
Single * Please contact your dealer
50027 Six-pack #1 143017, 143026 143038, 143041, 143193, 143147
52-6 gondola CP delivery
Canadian National (delivery) – 12 car numbers available
Built 8-10/49 – Delivery scheme
, solid bearing trucks
Single * Please contact your dealer
50028 Six-pack #1 143002, 143063, 143076, 143099, 143112, 143154