VIA F40PH-2D Detailing Variations

F40 master class

by Manny Jacob, Mike McGrattan and Dan Garcia

Detailing Variations

These units came in three different orders and there are minor differences between each order. Modellers will find that the Rapido Trains Inc. locomotive includes many of the parts needed to accurately duplicate these variations.

F40PH-2D early louver details

Louver details from the first delivery groups. The Rapido HO scale model matches these variations.

F40PH-2D late louver details

Louver details from the later delivery groups. Note split louver groups below step and on hood hatch.

Post-delivery changes:

Air conditioning was first added to the cab roof of 6415 on a trial basis in 1997-98 and was eventually installed on the rest of the fleet by 2002. This resulted in the relocation of radio antenna; consult photos.

F40PH-2D cab air conditioner details

Air conditioning unit and Relocated radio antenna on roof of 6435. These parts are included with the Rapido HO scale model.

Plexiglas bug shields were added to nose beginning in 1997.

F40PH-2D bug shield details

Nose-top bug shield on 6456. This part is included with the Rapido HO scale model.

New style screens over air intakes started to appear in 1997 and gradually fitted to entire fleet.

F40PH-2D late grille details

Revised left and right side air intake screens. These parts are included with the Rapido HO scale model.

F40PH-2D late grille details

A second radio antenna was added to cab roof after the February 1997 elimination of conductors. This antenna allowed the front end to communicate with OBS crews inside the train on a different frequency..

F40PH-2D second radio antenna detail

Second radio antenna on left side of cab roof. This part is included with the Rapido HO scale model.

Yellow rerail frogs eventually removed from all units between 1998 and 1999.

F40PH-2D left rerailer detailF40PH-2D right rerailer detail
Left and right rerailer frog locations.
These parts are included with the Rapido HO scale model.

Pilots changed to plows on some Canada-scheme units such as 6420, 6444 and 6456 in the 2000s.

F40PH-2D original pilot detail F40PH-2D plow pilot detail
Original (left) and plow-style (right) pilots.

Original bell (located behind pilot on conductor’s side of coupler) changed to e-bell in the early-mid-2000s.

F40PH-2D e-bell detail

E-bell behind front pilot.


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