Edmundston Blog: 6 May 2016

Edmundston Blog: 6 May 2016


Our sleeping car is starting to look the part. It still needs a lot of work!

Our sleeping car is starting to look the part. It still needs a lot of work!

Our Pullman-Standard 4 Section – 8 Duplex Roomette – 4 Double Bedroom sleeper, Edmundston, has had an interior clean up. We’re currently looking for someone local in Orangeville who can help with the interior work: rebuilding the bathrooms, replacing damaged light fixtures, repainting damaged areas, etc.

Ted Wakeford from the Credit Valley Explorer has started working on the Head End Power upgrade. We hope to have the car partially in service by September. Bob Merriam will start work on the left side exterior next month. The paint has come off in sheets and the car needs major refurbishment. We’re confident Bob can pull it off.

Below is the Genemotor donated by sister car Edmonton at Exporail. Dan Darnell’s brother, Phil, cleaned it up and removed the guts. We plan to install a large variation of the “Oh So Steamy!” generator in there so we can have a “steamy” effect when operating in cold weather. It will work like Rapido’s HO scale steam generator car, but in 1:1 scale. I’m not kidding…

We love Genemotors.

Our refurbished Genemotor is filling up a big chunk of our warehouse floor. Even with the brushes removed it still weighs over 1000lbs. We love Genemotors.

Here are some more views of Edmundston’s current condition.

If you would like to help us with the restoration of Edmundston (or RDC 6133), either with supplies or with elbow grease, please let us know.  For instance, if you happen to be sitting on four rolls of surplus VIA sleeper carpet from the 1980s or a pile of baseboard heating elements, we’d really like to hear from you. And we’ll gladly trade you lots and lots of model trains for them!

If you can’t come out to help in person but you would like to make a donation, we would of course appreciate it! To contribute to our restoration efforts of Edmundston, please click here.

If you have a passenger car or locomotive and you need work on it, Chris and his fellow mechanics have started a railroad maintenance company. They can come and do pretty much any sort of running repair including air brake maintenance and certification, power assembly changeouts, traction motor changeouts and maintenance, wheelset changeouts, etc.

Chris’s company is called Northwind Rail Services. You can visit his website here. Ask for Chris and tell him I sent you.

Please click on the DONATE button below to contribute. Every little bit helps.

(Note: if you are outside Canada, leave the mailing address blank as PayPal
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