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Edmundston Blog: 16 October 2016

Edmundston Blog: 16 October 2016


The first big news for today is that OUR CAR IS PAINTED! Look at these gorgeous photos. Thanks to Bob Merriam for his great work. It really just needs some touching up here and there and it’s finished.

Rapido Sleeping Car EdmundstonRapido Sleeping Car EdmundstonRapido Sleeping Car EdmundstonRapido Sleeping Car EdmundstonRapido Sleeping Car EdmundstonRapido Sleeping Car Edmundston

Jordan provides an update on the interior restoration efforts.

There’s good news and then some not so good news. First the good. Tiffany, her friend Patrick and I worked on the car yesterday and we managed to finish removing the walls from the bathroom. This allowed us to start removing the rotten floors from the that end of the car. This went quite well and Ted was on hand to have a look at what was under the wood.

Sleeping Car Restoration

Tiffany clears away some corroded “stuff” from under the bathroom floor.

The bad news is that the framing under the floor is in worse shape than we expected. As you can see in the pictures, the water has corroded the z channel floor supports in several places to the point that some areas of the floor weren’t being supported at all.

Edmundston corrosion

Badly corroded steel under the bathroom end

Ted Wakeford says it can all be fixed, but we will need a welder to come in and replace the z channel in several areas before we can replace the floor. This will also be necessary to mount the retention tanks to the under body. The wall that we left in place at the right hand side of the door is mostly OK, but we are thinking the bottom 6-12″ of it will need to be removed to access the floor. We were hoping to salvage this wall as it is mostly still in good condition, but it may be too difficult to fix the framing with it still in place.

Pullman Sleeper Corrosion.

An overview of the corroded area. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

We left the water cooler closet in place but if the corrosion is as bad as we think it may be, it might have to be removed to fix the floor as well. Ted says its better to do it right the first time when we have the chance. At this point other than the centre sill and floor supports, all that is left is the corroded metal plates attached to the z channel and frame. This will all need to be removed. Tiffany found out just how weak the plating is when she stepped on it and nearly fell through the floor!

​Aside from the flooring, we started removing the fiberglass insulation from the aisle way. About half of it has been removed now and sent to the dumpster. When we removed the insulation we found the wall to be in better condition than it looked. The inside is a corrugated metal coated with tar. The insulation had bonded to the tar so when it was removed the tar came with it. This should make it easier to clean fix the wall. Ted and Tiffany suggest using a wire brush once the fiberglass is all removed to clean up the surface rust and prepare for the new insulation and walls.

Pullman Floor Corrosion

Floors? Who needs floors? They are overrated!

Our goal now is to get this end stabilized before the snow comes and then we can continue working on the inside of the car through the winter. Should be fun!

Seriously, though. We really want to run our first trip in Edmundston in the spring, so we’re working hard. If anyone wants to come lend us a hand, please get in touch!