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HO scale RS-11 Locomotives - Second Run


HO scale Procor GP20 20,000 gal Tankcar


HO scale Evans X72/X72A Boxcar


HO scale B-100-40 Boxcars


HO scale PRR X31A Boxcars


HO scale Steam Heater Cars


HO scale EP-5 "Jet" Locomotives


HO scale New Look Buses

PDF icon New Look Bus Sales Pack1.87 MB
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HO scale PA-1/2 & PB-1/2 Locomotives


HO scale GARX Meat Reefers


HO scale NH County Cars

PDF icon NH County Cars Sales Pack1.95 MB
File Excel Product Listing10.54 KB


HO scale H16-44 Locomotives



Please feel free to use any of the materials to promote our products. If you need higher resolution images just contact us and tell us what you need. We'll be happy to provide it for you! When we announce new products we send out sales packs to our dealers. These sales packs can also double as catalogs for current products and are available to everyone to download. Just click on any link below to view the PDF file. Please note that these are large files and are best viewed using a high-speed connection. If you are a US dealer and you are not receiving these sales packs from your distributor, please let us know.

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HO Scale (Current Products)


HO CNR H6d/g 4-6-0

HO CPR D10 Class "Ten Wheeler"

HO Pullman-Standard Lightweight Dining Car

HO GMD F7B and F9B

HO Scale (Older Products)

HO General Electric B36-7

HO Tempo Passenger Train

HO VIA F40PH-2D - As built, rebuilt and wrapped (Second Run)

HO RDC Santa Fe Rebuilt Set

HO RDC-1, RDC-2 & RDC-2 (Second Run)


HO Gunderson 53' Husky Stack Well Car and 53' High-Cube Container

HO Icons of Canadian Steam Royal Hudson


HO Mid-Train Dome (2017)

HO New Look Bus

HO New Haven Parlor & Parlor-Lounge Cars

HO 3800 cu. ft. Canadian Cylindrical Hopper

HO Modernized Amtrak F40PH Locomotive With Ditch Lights

HO Amtrak NPCU "Cabbage" Locomotive

HO VIA Rebuilt F40-PH-2D Locomotive

HO GMD-1 Locomotive With Stripes (1400/1600-Series)

HO Alco/MLW FA-2 and FPA-2 Locomotive

HO RDC-1 Phase I & II (USA edition)

HO RDC-1 Phase I & II (Canada edition)

HO New Haven 8600-Series Coaches

HO EMD FL9 Locomotive

HO Amtrak F40PH Locomotive

HO 52'-6" Drop End Gondola - Second Run

HO GMD-1 1100-Series Locomotive

HO Wheels and Trucks

HO Superior Stainless Budd Mid-train Domes

HO Confederation Train

HO CP FP9A and F9B Locomotives

HO MLW FPA-4 and FPB-4 Locomotives

HO GARX 37' Meat Reefer - Second Run

HO LRC Locomotive & Passenger cars

N Scale

N GE Dash 8-40CM "Draper Taper"

N GMD-1 1100s, 1400s and more!

N UAC TurboTrain

N New Haven 8600-Series Coaches

N NSC 73' Smooth-Side Baggage-Express Car

N FL9 Locomotive

N Duplex Sleeper and Coach Reruns

N 10-5 sleeper and cafe-bar-lounge

N GMD-1 locomotive N Osgood Bradley lightweight coaches

Accessories & Non-Scale Items

Rapido Proto-Paint

HO Noise-Killer Foam Roadbed

HO Prime Movers by Rapido GE Dash 8-40CM "Draper Taper" Locomotive

HO RailCrew Layout Accessories - Uncouplers and switch machines