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We recently did a major update of our website, accounting system, and inventory management software. This will speed up our processes to ensure our dealers and direct customers get their orders more quickly and more accurately. There were so many parts to the upgrade that we expected there would be a lot of bugs to iron out. We were right - there have been dozens of bugs to fix and we're still at it. While we work through this, here are a couple of important points:

If you already have an online account with us, please use your email address to log in, not your username. Our new system only recognizes email addresses.

If you have open preorders with us, don't worry - we still have your order. The orders are in our accounting system, but unfortunately the data is not showing up on the web site. This will take a little time to sort as it requires manually updating the data.

Please DO NOT RE-ENTER YOUR EXISTING ORDERS on the assumption that they are missing. (Unless of course you want to double your quantities on order).

We can manually retrieve a copy of your pre-orders if you need one. Please contact [email protected] with the subject line “Backorder Report” and we will get you a copy as quickly as we can. (Note that this might take a few days given our current backlog of e-mail).

We very much value each and every customer. We will reply to your email, but we are short staffed and this may take a little longer than normal.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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