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Dealer Exclusive Models


When we announce new products, sometimes the dealers, historical societies or other groups partner with us to run "exclusive" models. These can be as simple as an exclusive road number or very complex, such as a totally unique paint scheme - or anything in between!


Below is a listing of our current exclusive items, available for pre-order and each organization that is running them. So grab a toasty beverage and sit back and enjoy a travel through the current exclusive models!


Boréal Trains

Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Can you say "New Look Bus?" Boréal Trains is offering CTCUQ and STRSM New Look Buses. (For you known hoseheads, that's Commission de Transport de la Communaute Urbaine de Quebec and Montréal-Rive Sud.) Six destinations are offered for both schemes in both standard and deluxe. Check out Boréal Trains for to look around at what else they offer or to place an order asap!


Carrera Designs

Click here to visit their website.

Carrera Designs is also offering a unique New Look Bus, all decked out in Minneapolis MTC's colors. Four destinations as well as standard or deluxe are available through Carrera Designs's site. (Deluxe comes equipped with lights - Impress your friends by showing them even your vehicles have all the bells and whistles!) Click the bus below for more info.


Credit Valley Railway Company

Click here to visit their website.

Next up is Credit Valley Railway Company's fabulous "Credit Valley Railway" D10, number 1057. This is part of the Canadian Pacific D10s that we are currently offering. This was used for tourist service in the mid-1970s in Southern Ontario, in the aptly named "Credit Valley" area. It is being offered in both DC Silent and DCC/Sound through Credit valley's website (Remember, steam locomotives are meant to be NOISY!). They are also offering the locomotive as it originally operated, with "Canadian Pacific lettering on the tender. Click on one of the locomotives below to place your orders now!


Otter Valley Railroad

Click here to visit their website.

The Otter Valley Railroad currently has three exclusives: RS-18u locomotives and New Look Buses.

They offer the RS-18u for the Trillium Railway, in two road numbers and in DC Silent or DCC/Sound. Click either of the two locos below for more info and to place an order.


For all you Forest City natives, six destinations are being offered for the London "LTC" New Look Bus. That's right, many classic ones to choose from such as Richmond or Dundas. Click the bus below to place an order through Otter Valley Railroad.


Finally, Otter Valley also commissioned us to do a custom series of 4 LRC coaches from our most recent production run. Click the car below to order them.


Pacific Western Rail Systems

Click here to visit their website.

PWRS has asked us to produce a pair of our GMD F7B locos in a special paint scheme to match up with Royal Hudson #2860 during a tour in the mid-1970s. You can find out more info by clicking the loco below.



This page is a work-in-progress. We will continue to add to it over time.