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Edmundston Update: October 2018

Edmundston Update: October 2018

By admin

On October 23rd, Team Edmundston was back at it again with work centered towards the heating and water systems. We got air in the Roomettes on the south side only (we can’t remember which way it’s oriented at the moment, so we can’t say “left” or “right”). There seems to be a blockage in the air lines on the north side and some ice damage which we found but were able to repair. We bypassed the steam heat system for the time being, and for now, the car has only cold water in it.

It looks like the heat exchanger ruptured at some point. When we put air in the system, a rather large amount of rust cloud dust came out the steam traps – it looked actually kinda cool – but we had to abandon and bypass that part of the system. Possibly tomorrow (but likely at a later date), we’ll try to find out why the north side with the bedrooms does not have any pressure.

Helper Leslie Bernard was also examining and coming up with some alternatives to our issue with the roomettes. At the moment, they all have toilets installed in them under a cushioned seat flap. This is also from a time when they emptied right on to the right of way, which is a huge violation now. So in order to reduce costs (and potential for evasive odors in the roomettes), we’re option to remove the toilets from service and just have a pair of washrooms on the end of the car. But that leaves us with what to do with the toilet pedestal and seat in the roomettes, since we want to keep the look as close to original as possible. So Leslie suggested a full removal of the toilet (rather than a cap), completely re-insulate and seal the area, and then reinforce the seat cover to be more structurally stable.