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A Fresh Coat of Paint for VIA 6917

A Fresh Coat of Paint for VIA 6917

By admin

With last minute notice about a high-level executive visit to VIA's Toronto Maintenance Centre, we decided 6917 needed a fresh coat of paint. Jordan made a late night trip to Home Depot to get paint and supplies, and the team met at TMC for 8:00am the next day.

Josh works on taping up the yellow stripe before we paint the grey portion of the locomotive


More tape on the VIA logo


Gomez painting under the engineer-side door


Mike in his white hat doing what white hats do best - standing around and not working


The crew worked all day, without stopping for lunch! The only cure for that was a veal, mushroom and provolone sandwich from California Sandwiches. Bottle of Pepsi for scale.


The crew's hard work sure paid off!!