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Edmundston Blog: 8 September 2018

Edmundston Blog: 8 September 2018

By admin

On September 8, 2018 it was decided to do a massive work session on Edmundston with Chris Fox and John Carey leading the way, with Rapido staff Jordan, Josh and Mike offering assistance. This was necessitated after a section of the floor under Roomette no. 6 fell onto the truck below, and also expedited when we were made aware that VIA Rail would be replacing the drop table at Toronto's Maintenance Centre - an essential piece of equipment we needed to use - starting in October.

The work session lasted the entire day, and was only cut short by the need to move Edmundston out of the shops to allow VIA Rail use of the drop table for their own purposes. We used our own 6133 to move Edmundston into the shops and onto the drop table. In Chris Fox's defense to those who are saying we voided the warranty, "Since I have to fix the real thing ... If I brake it .... I fix it."

Since we're almost certain the warranty on 6133 is no longer applicable, we used our trusty RDC to marshal Edmundston into the shops. While our engineer Chris Fox provides some traction, President and CEO Jordan Smith enjoys the ride from the "observation" lounge.

With Edmundston safely on the drop table and 6133 parked back outside for the day, the team set about working. First step was to disconnect the handbrake chain from the truck and remove the bolts under the bolster. We then lowered the truck free from the carbody and moved it to the adjacent track for further inspection and eventual lubrication of the centre bearing.

John Carey works to align the car jacks under the jacking pads of Edmundston with Chris (barely visible) offering an eye. At right, Edmundston has been freed from it's B-end truck for the first time in over 2 decades as work commences.

With the B-end truck now free from Edmundston, President & CEO Jordan Smith took the time to celebrate his accomplishment of finally defeating the troublesome truck that thwarted his attempts to remove a defunct steam line over a year ago!

Next step was to remove the old steam lines and other unnecessary piping from the areas around the truck that were previously inaccessible. Then the long process of removing the floor plates began, which was inhibited by the need to not use power cutting tools like a grinder, which would pose a risk of setting the insulation on fire. And that's not how we want to heat the car either!

Early removal of the insulation above the floor panels by Chris and John. Not only proof that it's a dirty job, but an unpredictable one. Some early concerns were confirmed when some insulation got a little too hot with the grinding work. We then opted to remove all insulation from the underframe where possible and use hand tools as much as we could.

Work proceeded for most of the day focusing on removing panels under the B-end of the car that have been subject to years of wear and tear. While Chris and John were handling the leads on the tough work, Jordan and Josh provided general support to their efforts. Not to be outdone, Mike turned into our truck expert and was solely responsible for cleaning the old bearings and greasing them and the car bolster for re-installation.

At left, the original steam pipes on the B-end of the car can be seen before they were removed to gain access to the floor panels above. On the right, John Carey lights up the place by grinding rusted rivets off of the underframe to permit the installation of the new floor panels.

Overview of the work accomplished:

  • Removed B-end truck
  • Removed old 4" steam line and 1" steam pipe to radiators
  • Removed old insulation so car would not catch on fire when we were grinding
  • Placed wet rags in spots where insulation could not be removed to mitigate any sparks from catching tinder-dry 1954 insulation on fire
  • Ground off rivets and removed subfloor and bad steel from under Roomette 6
  • Removed subfloor from under equipment lockers at the B end
  • Prepared old signal pipe to accept new union to be used as our pass through Main Reservoir pipe
  • Inspected and greased centre bearing on truck and carbody bolster
  • Cut new replacement steel floor panels to size
  • Cut new replacement insulation sheets to size
  • Replaced B-end truck truck

Work that was not completed:

  • Prepare underframe under equipment lockers for installation of new subfloor
  • Prepare the new cut steel sections with anti-rust preventative coating
  • Install the new steel sheets under the car floors

Further work continues on Edmundston to get it finished and ready for "company" service. Any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Click below to donate to our restoration efforts or contact us if you can provide any other assistance.

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