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Edmundston Blog: 14 September 2018

Edmundston Blog: 14 September 2018

By admin

Following the large work session under the B-end of our sleeper on September 8th, Chris had finally had enough and was determined to solve a longstanding issue with RPDX 1115 Edmundston. For years ... no, decades even ... there had been a small leak over Roomette no. 6 (yes, still that same roomette) that allowed for water infiltration inside the carbody, pooling inside the utility troughs, causing insulation to go moldy, paint to bubble, and some of the steel carbody to warp and bend under pressure from years of freeze/thaw cycles. And this all started well before the car ended up in Georgia after VIA ownership. presbanner-1115-800

Nothing like throwing a garden hose over the roof of a passenger car to test for leaks!

Thankfully Chris was able to locate the leak source hidden along the seam of the roofline and the carside - a very small source at that, which is why it took so long to locate. Check the short video below for an overview.

We're also pretty sure that once Chris stopped filming, he was doing a happy dance inside, outside and on top of Edmundston for finally solving the leaky roof! He could have even done a rain dance, since he already had the hose draped over the car. We'll limit the details to that though.

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